Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grandma's Home

I discovered that "There is no place like Home unless it is Grandma's" even if it is just downstairs.

Yesterday, our two grandkids kept us very amused. First, the oldest came and announced he was moving. He was moving to his room upstairs and brought food with him so he would not be hungry. He had a ziplock bag with a sleeve of Ritz crackers, cookies, pretzels and a few other unidentifiable things. His departure was complete with hugs and his promise to come to visit us. His new address is 26, he told us. Of course, his younger brother tagged along. So, for about 2 hours, they played upstairs in his room. He did as he promised, he came for two visits during the 2 hours. Complete with hugs of welcome and departure as he went back upstairs. And his brother tagged along. Now I know better than to make a remark such as "My, the kids are being good." So, I did not. However, my daughter was talking on the phone and mentioned that "The kids are being really good this morning"

You know what happened next. Oldest screamed, youngest started to cry (we think he was hit by oldest), oldest started to cry and then things deteriorated from there. The time of playing together nicely was over!

Well, then they came downstairs and played a game with Grandpa. Youngest is really too young for the game and so they decided to stop and put the game away. Which they did but somehow the oldest forgot the dice. Youngest had one of his famous melt downs for about an hour when he discovered that the dice were not put away. He kept saying that his brother forgot to put the dice away. He does not forget quickly and can really hold a grudge! An hour of "He forgot to put the dice away" and lots of crying. Eventually, things calmed down and things were quiet again.

This morning the oldest made an announcement that he had moved back. Things are now back to normal which will include "melt downs" and crying. They can still come to "visit" Grandma (and Grandpa) any time. After all, it is all one home. It is interesting to see how they think, however.


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