Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jimmy Fund Radio/Telethon Results

Yesterday, I told you that Melanie would be on the WEEI/NESN Jimmy fund Telethon. She was, though a bit later than she expected. She was there with the likes of Mike Lowell (Red Sox third baseman), Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester and many other cancer survivors of all ages. Their goal was to make 4 million. At noon on the second day, it was only a little over 1 million. But guess what? The goal was reached and even exceeded. 4.8 million. WOW.

There were great stories of survival plus stories of what people did to raise money. Kids sometimes have great ideas for that and even though their donations are not as large as the Donald Trumps, are sometimes are more meaningful. One kid has been giving his birthday money to the Jimmy Fund for several years. How inspiring is that?

Here is a link to the Jimmy Fund web site where you can read more about the whole day.

Because it rained in Boston, the Red Sox vs Toronto game was postponed and Melanie and her kids did not get to throw out the first ball. Maybe when it is rescheduled?? Don't know now. But it must have been a great day for all. Especially that 4.8 million for the Jimmy Fund.



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  2. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for changing my URL. Seems we are both having blog changes. But I feel this is good. I'll be starting a blog roll soon and you'll be one of the first ones included. I really enjoy your posts. Jewelry or not.