Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twist and Curve Earrings

Twist and Curve Earrings

You may have noticed that these earring were called "Fancy Earrings" last week. I decided mid-week to change the name to "Twist and Curve".  Does that sound better? Not?  Any other suggestions?
If you are in the northeast, you know how hot it was last week. I got through to Thursday. Then on Friday (an apt name, Fri-day, get it?) we went to the movies in the afternoon to get cool. The car thermometer said 105 when we pulled into the parking lot.. (Outside temperature)
Anyhow, it was a good week to spend time indoors and so I made several of the, now, "Twist and Curve" earrings. I really like the twisting part. Getting the silver wire the right length is also a challenge.
I love how designs "just happen".  After twisting a length of wire twice as long as needed (to make sure the twist is the same for each earring) I cut it in half. Now, I know you need to cover any little piece of wire you cut off but this was four inches long. So I wasn't as careful. Mistake! It flew somewhere, I know not where. I'm still looking for it. So, the result is the cute little short piece on the Violet bead earring. (From the piece that didn't fly away) And thus a "new" design as all the rest of the twists needed to be changed too.
I mentioned last week that I would be going through my stash of beads. The beads in this pair are from the three row leather bracelet," Oceania". They would go very nicely as a "set".

I've been so busy making new earrings that I've neglected taking good pictures. I like a nice white background so the piece is the focal point.  It is hard enough to get one earring to lay nicely  let alone a pair, so I settled for just one. With my camera manual and camera in hand, sitting in my chair, I took this picture of this one earring.  (The white background is a pant leg ;-)
Still need some work on pictures! This is better but not good.
This bead (from my stash) is pear shape, Czech glass, in green with flowers.

These are not up on the website yet but I hope to get them there this week. I really need to work on getting good pictures first. The price will be $25.00

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fancy Silver Earrings

Fancy Silver Earrings

with Crackle Beads
I took another class at pflora beads last week. I had lots of fun choosing the beads to add and  twisting the square wire used,  then making the appealing curves. There were 5 of us in the class and at the end there were 5 very different pairs of earrings. Actually several people made more than one pair.
One of the things I really like about these earrings is that they are very light. Considering that they are about 2 inches long, that is a good thing.
Some of the earrings made in our class, had little wirewrapped beads dangling off the curl on the bottom instead of the larger bead I used at the bottom. Also, several used longer silver curves and either more or fewer curves.

I got busy after a trip to the hardware store to purchase a cordless drill for twisting the wire.
Here are some simple rings and the start of a new pair of earrings.
I'll go looking through my stash of left over beads and probably have some more to show you next week. Better pictures too. ;-)
If you had a choice of color or type of bead, what would you do to change this design? Would you add more pieces of silver? Less? More beads? Gold?
If you have any requests let me know. The variations are endless.
Until next week,

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

QR Codes

QR Codes

Just what are they?

Well, here is one. Looks like a bar code on steroids. They are popping up all over and if you have and fully use, a Smart Phone, maybe you already know what a QR Code is and have used one.

I don't have a Smart Phone, yet. Maybe in the near future. With a Google search you can learn lots of things and I've been searching. Effectively, a bar code on steroids is not far off. A QR (QR stands for Quick Response) code is a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone's camera and transfer information. Based on the type of code it is, it might direct the viewer to a website, make a phone call, deliver a vCard or more. This QR code really says something. [If you can read it and send me an email, I'll do what it says.]
So, how do you make a QR code? I Googled and found several sites that will make various versions. The real question, in my mind, is why? or what would you do with them?
That really is where your imagination comes into play. Since I don't want to give away what this one does or says, I won't start there.
Some give you a web site you can go to. Just by aiming your phone at the QR code you can be taken to a website. Some have their contact information for your future information.
Needless to say things are evolving. However, you might be wondering what started me thinking about all this. And here it is:
QR codes are being used on jewelry. The codes can be personalized. What ever you would like to say. "I love you" or what every you can imagine. You can find mugs (always mugs ;-) cloth bags, T-shirts, greeting cards, etc.  Even like the QR code I made above. (Remember I said it says something special - I'll let you know exactly what it says next week)
The main use right now is for marketing and you'll be sure to seem QR codes all over now that they have been pointed out to you.

Let me know if you have seen any unusual QR codes or if you are using them. Do you like the idea of QR code jewelry?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cosmic Ring Pendant

One of my favorite Ring by Ring Designs' pieces is the  Signature Pendant.

This week I am featuring a variation of the Signature Pendant. It is a little fancier because it has the addition of a Swarovski Cosmic Ring. It has some "bling".

There are many different colors of the Swarovski Cosmic Ring. This picture shows only three of the choices. On the left is "Crystal Volcano" The middle one is "Jet" and the one on the right is "Bermuda Blue".
I took this picture awhile ago and just noticed that the Crystal Volcano version has a big "boo boo". One of the rings in not closed correctly. Now, I suspect that if I had not pointed that out, you may not have even noticed but boy, I did and probably will take another pcture with the ring closed.
The Cosmic Ring Pendant comes with a  16, 18,  or 20 inch long Sterling Silver Chain made in Italy as the Signature Pendant does and  can be purchased here: Cosmic Ring Pendant. Remember to choose the length you would like.
I'm always looking for suggestions. Either other pieces you would like to see or different colors. What ever you would like to see.