Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pantone color of 2013

Pantone Color of 2013

I've featured Spring and Fall Pantone color before. I've shared the colors with you. Some are good and some are not to my liking. The Pantone color of 2013 is Emerald.
Emerald has always been a favorite of mine, so as far as I'm concerned, this is a WINNER.
With St Patrick's Day coming in March, Emerald is a great color to feature. (I know Valentine's day comes first but I have to plan ahead)
Here is a great start with an Emerald Kumihimo bracelet.
Then there is a Four leaf clover necklace
You have to click on the clover picture to see it rather than the cute Panda.
Some nice green earrings
I made a quick video of all the "green" pieces in stock. Let me know what you like best. Just click to see the video.
How do you like the new newsletter design?
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Ring Design

New Ring Design

Here is the start of the new ring design. It is a new chain maille weave for me. After getting over the new weave bumbling thumbs, I was able to get a piece started (above) The next problem is joining the end and forming a ring.
That is usual for new designs but still frustrates a bit. However, I was reminded (several times) of the word of caution I give students in my chain maille classes. The ring you close the best, it the one you need to open again. I finally got it together in a form of a ring to wear. Anyhow, how do you like the new ring design?
Never satisfied with one design, I tried another variation. It looks good but is not as comfortable to wear as the one above.

Now for some information on the ring, specifically.
It is a design from Urban Maille where I purchase most of my rings. Aislyn is a great teacher and helper aside from providing great rings. It has taken her a long time to come up with a pattern for a ring that would satisfy her. She calls it "The Perfect Ring"
The first great feature is
Comfort -- This ring is extremely comfortable and effortless to wear because the chain is flat and makes it cling to the finger. The finger is not perfectly round, like a rigid ring. This ring conforms perfectly to the finger so after a very short time (hours) you don't feel it at all. It's like having a strip of soft fabric wrapped around your finger. When you've been wearing this one for awhile, other rings seem unnecessarily restrictive by comparison.
The second feature is
Durability. I've been wearing mine all day and all night including showers and washing dishes. It still looks shiny and bright. I would take it off if I were to start mixing meat loaf with my hands. I take my engagement ring off when I do that, too.

Close ups of hands are usually not pretty! Look at the ring!!
This ring can be made with different metals. I used Silver Filled (like gold filled) because it was a little cheaper to do. I've been extremely pleased with silver filled vs sterling.
I've ordered some Argentium Sterling silver rings, some bronze rings and some gold filled. I plan to mix the metals in some new rings. Specifically Argentium Sterling Silver and Gold filled. Looking forward to that one.
I'm thinking of calling them "Ring of Rings". I've only made a few and have discovered several things I need to know to proceed effectively.

1) What is your ring size?
2) Do you like sterling silver or silver filled?
3) Would you like to see a mixed metal ring? (silver and gold or silver and copper, bronze or....)
Looking forward to hearing your opinions.  Comment below
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