Friday, October 31, 2008

Message Magnets

Before I started making jewelry, I made message magnets. Those little funny, sometimes serious, phrases with appropriate pictures. When I first started, I only had a black and white printer so, I hand colored the pictures. Then I purchased a color printer but the pics I had were in black and white. So I colored the pics with a Microsoft program that allowed you to color a pic, pixel by pixel. (Sorry I can't remember the name of the program but it came with Microsoft 3.1) Needless to say, I did not do too many of those. I really was learning how to use the computer. (I still have to remind myself that the first two computers I used are in the Smithsonian - An IBM 650 in college and a Radio Shack Model III with 16 K. Yikes, now my laptop has 120GB)

Anyhow, I colored the flowers in this one pixel by pixel. Fortunately, you only have to do it once.

I did not color this one but I love the sentiment!

How true, how true!

Well, after spending all my time yesterday getting my magnets printed and all it takes to get them ready, I took them to my local gift store where, after 12 years, they are still selling. Now, I can get back to my fun job of jewelry making and designing! It is nice to have something that keeps on being popular as my magnets seem to be. You can see all of them on
Back to JEWELRY!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lexie's Jewelry line

Yesterday, I had trouble adding pictures. (I think blogger gets too busy sometimes) Anyhow, I decided to follow up with the other pictures to sort of finish off the post. This is the choker. About 16-18 inches with a chain to make it adjustable.
Here is the pendant necklace. The pendant is on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Available in each of the five Swarovski pearl colors in the Lexie bracelet.
Then there are earrings also available in the 5 Swarovski pearl colors.
Melanie asked me to make a matching anklet. I purchased the 4mm Swarovski pearls to do that but so far, I haven't had time to do that yet. Interesting idea, however.
For each purchase $10 is donated to Cancer Research.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lexie's Jewelry

I often get the question: "How is Lexie doing?" The quick answer is that she is doing well. She is now ten years old and for the first summer in her life was able to not have to be tested, poked etc etc. Many of you may not be familiar with Lexie. So here is a short answer to that question.

When Lexie was 3 ½ months old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor called astrocytoma. Now at 10 years old she has had countless surgeries, years of chemotherapy, endless eye exams and more testing than anyone could imagine.When asked if she had one wish for the world, what would that be, she answered, "To find a cure for brain tumors so my friends would stop getting sicker and dying." Lexie has a website at:

Last fall my friend, Melanie and I started to raise money for Cancer Research in Lexie's name with a bracelet made with Swarovski pearls. Lexie approved our design and chose meaning for the colors.

One thing led to another and we now have a "line" of Lexie Jewelry including earrings, a pendant necklace on a silver chain, and a choker with the five Swarovski pearl colors on an "invisible" cord. We were able to send $2,600 to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Center (Boston, MA) last spring. Melanie ran the Boston Marathon in April with Lexie as her patient partner.
For some reason, I'm having trouble adding more pictures to this post. So, you can see the rest of the Lexie line at


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Beading Daily (
had an interesting post the other day about BIP -aka "beading in public". The writer asked what projects beaders take to bead in public. Unlike some other crafts such as knitting, it isn't easy to take beading projects. All those little beads are bad enough at home, let alone out in public. I do have a BIP project I like to take and was reminded yesterday when we took a friend to the dentist. (Weren't we kind? - I go today for my 6 month check up. But that is another story I'll not go there)

I took my fiber Kumihimo. Everything fits nicely in a small plastic bag, just a foam disk and bobbins full of fiber. Nothing loose, nothing to fall on the floor and I usually get quite a bit accomplished in a fairly short time.

Now, I just have to add (since I am a people watcher from way back) it was interesting to watch the patients who were waiting to be seen. One man apparently was not looking forward to his visit. Antsy to say the least. He finally got up and went outside for a smoke. Another one was almost as nervous.

The hygienist came out to tell us that our friend was doing a good job. She reminded us of how important it is to take care of our teeth and how it effects your health in general. Well, that was her pitch and I'm passing it on.

Here is a picture of the cord I was able to make while waiting at the dentist. I have a nice pendant to hang on as a focal for a necklace. I'll post it when it was finished.

Now to go do a good job of brushing and flossing before I go off for my teeth cleaning.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Jewelry Show

I belong to a group of Jewelry Designers. We call ourselves, South Shore Beaders. Three of us live fairly close and all have our pieces in a local gift store, Homespun Treasures. We get together at least once a month to talk - beads etc. We share online orders to save money on postage and meet minimums. We teach each other new things. It is a great group.

Our topic of conversation one day arrived at "Let's have a show!" So, this last Saturday we did.

Now, this was not your routine craft fair where most of the crafters are jewelry makers. It was only the three of us and we are all jewelry designers. Taking a chance? You bet! However, it seemed like a good idea. And it was. While we did not have a whole lot of people (we had invited our friends, family, church members, and anyone we could think of) those that came were people who were interested in what we had to offer. That does not happen in a lot of craft fairs I can vouch for that! So in that respect, we were very satisfied and already have plans for next year. (We must remember to have balloons outside to attract more people though)

Nothing special, just a lot of fun. We deliberately tried to keep things simple. We were able to talk to the people that came and really show our wares. Plus, we got to talk about beads etc between customers. ;-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Earrings

With a Jewelry Show coming up tomorrow, I decided to feature some Christmas earrings. Last year I made some Christmas Trees using Swarovski Crystals. I think they are very cute and don't look like "Made in China" as many Christmas earrings do. (IMHO)

The pair I made this year have a little of that look but are still cute. They are multi-colored bells. They don't have a clapper, they are too small for that, but the clang together and make a soft ringing sound. Fortunately, not too loud as they are next to your ear.

Anyhow, off to pack up my stash and make sure everything is labeled and looks nice and ready for sale.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Grandson, Grandma and Electronics

Last night, I had two things planned.

One, to look through the 2 inch thick catalog of jewelry supplies I had just received in the mail.

Two, my plan was to watch the TV program, NCIS. For some reason I really like that program. (You can only read a large catalog for so long!)

Anyhow, my Grandson had other plans for me. He came over to my chair as I was reading and looked at the catalog as if it were definitely not supposed to be there. So, I moved it so he could come up in my lap. We read a book. Then he was off.

NCIS started and it was just getting good when he came back with his Leapster (Leapster, for the uninitiated, is a handheld learning game system with a stylus for playing games. It talks to you and generally makes all sorts of noises. Plus the child makes noises back at it when they get things right) Not a quiet activity.

"Me sit in your lap Grandma?" Now, what answer works other than

"Of course"?

That is when I remembered that two could play the electronic game. Since he was very absorbed in his game and really didn't need my assistance, I could watch my TV show and still have him on my lap. I reached for the remote for the TV and turned on Closed Captioning.

Now everyone was happy, even my husband who was also effected by all the noise. My Grandson sitting on my lap with his Leapster and Grandma watching NCIS and being able to follow the show with the Closed Captioning. Got to love modern electronics.

After he went to bed and NCIS was over, I continued catching up on what is new in the world of jewelry supplies with my new catalog. The answer: Lots. I found some beautiful clasps. The kind you don't wear in the back of a necklace, you show it off in the front. However, they are a bit pricey but will certainly "make" the piece. Ideas are coming and the pages are marked for the future.

Interesting. Don't you think?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some fun with a Game

Do your friends send you emails with silly requests? You know, send this to ten of your friends and you will have a surprise. Well, the surprise is that nothing will happen and you've been caught again. I always delete these and do not send on to my friends. (I like my friends to stay my friends)

There are lots more of these irritating emails going around. I personally like the jokes people send (most of the time) The other day I received this email, not a joke. The old "I can guess your number" trick. For some reason, it really intrigues me. I'm sure if you want to take the time to figure it out, it isn't mind boggling, just fun. If this isn't your cup of tea, you are free to stop reading now and just come back tomorrow when I promise no silly posts. Click on the address below and try it if you want.

The picture above is one of my magnets available on my web site

Monday, October 20, 2008

Poverty and Human Trafficking

On October 15, I jumped on the band wagon of Blog Action Day where bloggers posted about Poverty. My focus was on beads purchased from sweat shops. I referenced a previous post on July 31, "In America?", where I mentioned the program "Breaking the Chains" of slavery and poverty and how it related to my jewelry making.
This morning I read more about the subject in an article in my Google reader. They shared a web site that provides direct help to people who have been rescued from and are surviving modern slavery. The problem is that these people are caught up in a vicious circle. They are poor and are seeking a way out. They are lured into schemes that promise them money for a fair day's work. Then they can not get out of debt because they are now caught in the web of modern slavery. The help for these people must include a real way to gain economic freedom for themselves and their family.
The web site mentioned is Here you can purchase items made by survivors of Human Trafficking. They have jewelry, bags and clothing available. Now I have not purchased things from the site but recommend that you at least check it out.
The words of Helen Keller really ring true.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Silver Bracelet

In yesterday's post I showed a necklace that I made following a suggestion from Auntie's Beads. I mentioned that I while I might use directions from somewhere, the results are hardly ever the same as the example. This necklace was, however, the same. I was trying to learn something new. Later, I'll come up with something different from the same example.

The inspiration for this bracelet looks entirely different from the finished product. Back to my usual format. The only thing in this bracelet that looks like the inspiration is the silver curved tubes.

I tried to make it like the suggestion but it did not work out, just didn't look or fit together right. So, with a little maneuvering and adding some different beads, this is the results. Not bad!

Here is another view of the same bracelet:

The black beads are hematite, one of my favorite items to use in designs. Let me know what you think.
I just have to add: The Citgo sign caught on fire and, finally, so did the Red Sox last night. I have to admit we went to bed thinking it was all over but they pulled it off. If the Sox have to lose to anyone I'd like to see Tampa win, however. They are a great inspiring team. Last place last year and first in their division this year. A great turn around! Even Manny couldn't keep the Dodgers in the race. OK, now you all know my opinions on baseball!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bone and Swarovski Necklace

I get my inspiration from many places. Sometimes it is very clear where the inspiration comes from. Other times not so much. Usually, the beads you find will "speak" to you. Often just moving beads around on your work table will just fall together and say : "I'm a new piece - just put me together"
Well, this necklace's "inspiration" is not like that at all. I saw it on a web site. Often bead suppliers offer ideas for necklaces, bracelets. The object, of course, is to show how their beads and other supplies can be used. Normally when I see such a suggestion, I do not make it exactly as shown. But this time I did. Part of the appeal, for me anyhow, was that this is something different than I usually make. I can see other possibilities with the design, specifically using leather cord for part of the necklace. The oval shaped bone beads are combined with Swarovski crystals and some silver plated bead caps. The caps have a different shape and hold the bone beads flat. It is about 18 inches long and looks nice with casual clothes. (I may have to buy a new shirt to go with it ;-) but really it looks great with several I already have.
The supplier, by the way, is Auntie's Beads and their web site is Check them out. They have some nice things.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I always learn a lot from reading The Beading Gem Blog by my friend Pearl. Today her post is about the fact that today is Blog Action Day. I did not know that. The focus is Poverty. If you check out her blog you will be lead to many other blog entries on the subject. Just a way for people to bring attention the the subject of Poverty. Pearl's blog is at She is on my blog list on the right side of my blog and you can catch her posts regularly.

I thought I could provide an additon to the theme by sharing a post I had written in July titled America? It was about "Breaking the Chains" of modern day slavery which is often a result of poverty. You can read my older post here:


Fiber Kumihimo Necklace

I was able to find a great focal pendant to go with the Kumihimo necklace I made on vacation. The Kumihimo fibers show beautifully (if I do say so) While it seems as if the fine beige fibers might be scratchy, they are not. In fact they are very soft and not a bit irritating.

We were out today doing some errands and were noticing the fall colors in the trees.They seem to be in the same pallet as my necklace. The only thing I do not like about fall is that it means winter is just around the corner. But I enjoy the cool fresh air and the lovely colors. The hot humid weather of summer is not a favorite of mine.

I still have some more fiber sets to work with and this makes me want to get started. So, off I go.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Kumihimo Bracelet

While we were on vacation I made a few pieces. I just finished putting on the clasp to finish a bracelet this morning. My picture doesn't show the subtle colors very well. The focus bead has streaks of peridot with the black and silver. So I added some peridot seed beads with the black in the Kumihimo. Seems to add a bit of sparkle.
I really enjoy making pieces using the Kumihimo technique since it is so versatile. I have another unfinished Kumihimo necklace made with fall colored fibers. Right now I'm searching for a focal pendant to go with it. When I find one I'll post it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Clothes to go with your Jewelry

Two friends and I were meeting the other day to make our plans for an upcoming jewelry show we are going to have. The subject turned to clothes we buy and the fact that all three of us buy tops that will "show off" our jewelry best, usually plain necklines. One commented (she has trouble finding clothes that fit because she is so petite) that she will buy a top in every color when she finds something that fits well.

This got me to thinking about a possible post about buying clothes. So, I did a Google search on blouses, looking for some examples. Well, I came across these pictures with models wearing jewelry. Just had to share them.

Victoria's Secret - Faux-wrap bodysuit (Remember to hit the back arrow to return ;-)

Victoria's Secret - Sheer tux shirt (Remember to hit the back arrow to return ;-)

Are you back??

The other thing we do is to make jewelry to match our clothes and sometimes buy clothes to match a piece of jewelry we have made.

Ah, the dilema and the problems we have!

I've been trying to make my necklaces adjustable because of all the different necklines I have and how I need necklaces of different lengths to fit right. I assume others have the same problem.

I'll post some of those later.


Friday, October 10, 2008


A Co-Pastor at our church has a blog "More than Sunday". Today he referenced an online program called Wordle. It analyzes words in documents and turns them into an image, with high frequency words depicted in larger font.

You can read his blog at

Here are my Wordles for this blog. I must use the word "like" a lot.

Go to if you would like to try it. (Don't forget to eat !)


Bev's Jewelry blog

I have been reading lots of blogs lately and have come to some conclusions as to what I like and don't like.

First, it has to load up quickly. (I'm impatient and don't like to wait too long)

Second, please don't have music. While I like to listen to music, I don't want to have it play when I don't want it to. I often surf when we watch TV. Now everyone looks at me when the music starts until I can find the mute button. Then I forget to turn it back on and miss the beep of when my battery is getting low - not good!

I hope that I provide posts that people like to read. (So they will come back) While it is MY blog, I don't want to be talking to the wind, completely.

When I first started blogging, I had another provider with not many features. So, I changed to a blogspot/Google blog. I've taken advantage of some of their features and thought I'd point them out, in case you have not noticed.

The first thing is my profile (in case you don't know me) Then there is a sampling of my jewelry in a slide show. The archive follows, in case you want to see older posts.

There is the ability to add another slide show. So I added our hot air balloon pictures. I plan to change the pictures in the future. (Something new to look at)

If you would like to know when I add a new post, just subscribe with the RSS (orange button) and you will be taken to the area where you can do that.

My favorite thing however, is the listing of blogs I follow. In the blog list, I've added some of the blogs I read regularly. Check them out. You may like them too. Closet Cooking is one of my favorites. Great recipes with pictures and explanations.

So, as you read my blog post, check out the right hand column for other interesting things to look at. Good reading!
Now that I've told you what I like and don't like, let me know what you like and don't like in my blog. Thanks.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yesterday, we travelled home from Maryland. Good, safe trip. I took a blogging day off.

One of the things people like to give as gifts is jewelry with birthstones. It is a more personal gift and usually very appreciated.

If you do a "Google" search for Birthstones, you will get many choices. With in the choices you will find some disagreement in what specific Birthstone that fits each month. To simplify things, I chose the list of Swarovski crystals. That fits better into my jewelry making anyhow. Most months are pretty much the same in each list. April isn’t a diamond but (clear) crystal. October has a few choices as does December and June. Other choices for October are Opal, Light Rose and Green Tourmaline. For December other choices are Turquoise and Light Sapphire. For June, Pearl is another choice.

Most chain maille jewelry can have Swarovski crystals added to make a birthstone piece. Of course you can make a bracelet or necklace of just Swarovski crystals with some spacers

Another idea is Family, Grandmother or Mother's bracelets. Having the color of each birth month of each child. Here is an example of one with the child's name and October birthstone, sapphire.

Think of the people on your gift list (remember, the holidays are quickly coming). Would someone appreciate birthstone jewelry? For some ideas check out my website at and browse the selections available. You can design one of your own that will be special to the recipient.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Last days of vacation

We left Virginia Beach on Saturday and came to our oldest daughter's in Maryland. Sunday we visited Arlington National Cemetery. Be prepared to walk a lot even if you take the trams. However, the views and history are well worth the trip. On the hill where Arlington House is you have a beautiful view of Washington, DC. It is so expansive that a picture (at least mine) does not do it justice. We also went to the Tomb of the Unknowns and watched the soldier guarding the Tomb and the changing of the guard. So precise and quiet!

We'll travel home tomorrow with lots of good memories.

My grandchildren here like to help Grandma make jewelry. Our project this time was to make a few of the adjustable necklaces. Here is what they came up with:

We all had a good time making the necklaces. Just fun being together.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Virginia Beach

Yesterday we decided to go to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse. We followed the directions that came with a packet of sightseeing information from our motel. Very easy to follow, Atlantic Avenue to 82nd Street and turn right. Well, that didn’t work but we kept going and saw a sign for Fort Story. That was mentioned in the directions, so we went forward but we were surprised to see about 8 serious looking guards ahead requesting us to stop. We pulled up behind another car and rolled down the window to talk to the guard.
“What is the purpose of your visit?” we were asked.
“We are looking for a lighthouse to visit. Is this the right place?”
“Well, there are two lighthouses here. Just go straight ahead”

But then he requested us to pull forward under “something” (I missed what that was) then to show our driver’s licenses (picture) and to get out of the car, open all four doors, the trunk, hood and glove box. My husband released the trunk and hood from inside the car but he was requested to open them himself for inspection. Another guard peered into the car and everything seemed OK so we were given a “Temporary Pass”. Oh, I forgot to mention that the second guard wrote down our car license. They were very nice and polite but we were not expecting that scrutiny to visit a lighthouse.

After all that we drove straight ahead (really the only choice) and noticed (our focus was on the guards not anything else before) we had entered a very active Military Base. Army, USMC, Navy and Coast Guard were there.

After all that excitement we quickly found the two lighthouses. My husband went up in the Cape Henry (brick) Lighthouse. They had a nice gift shop and my husband bought a tee shirt with a small logo of the lighthouse on the front. Only when he got it home did he notice that, in very large letters on the back, it said “I climbed the 192 steps to the top of Cape Henry Lighthouse” Well, he did but was disappointed in the big announcement on his new shirt.

We also saw the large cross at the point of “The First Landing” in 1607.

THEN, very early this morning (just before 5 AM) the fire alarm went off. We were fortunate to have it right outside our door? It is supposed to wake everyone on the floor (a slight indication as to how loud it was). So, we put on pants, shoes and a jacket and using the stairs (remember the instructions in the elevators?) went down and outside. (Holding our ears by the way.) Fortunately, we are on the 2nd floor. We were met with many other sleepy looking people. One fire truck came with two firefighters. (Our small town in MA routinely sends at least two trucks and 4-6 firefighters even if you call to say it was a false alarm. – I know I’ve had to do that but that is another story. Even jewelry related!)

So, after the all clear, we went back to bed and finally fell asleep again. Now off for our last day of vacation at Virginia Beach. FYI, the seagulls are facing south today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Observations at Virginia Beach

When we came to Virginia Beach for the first time a few years ago, I was impressed with the no swearing sign. Apparently it was a big thing a few years before that. The signs are still all along the streets near the beach.

I found all the people here very friendly.
“Hi, where are you from?”
“Nice day isn’t it?” The results are very nice conversations with people I’ve never seen and probably will never see again.

Our unit has a balcony looking over the boardwalk (actually a concrete walk unlike the ones in Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, NJ) It is a perfect place to watch all the different people who walk up and down the boardwalk as well as all the dogs and seagulls, sun rise, boats, aircraft, and porpoises (yep a whole school of them visible from the beach)

Here are some other pictures I thought interesting.

I saw a couple sitting on the beach. Now that is not unusual but they were sitting close together, she was covered up with a large shirt and wore a big brimmed hat so she would not burn. He had a baseball cap on and a hooded shirt. They looked like an older couple (from my perspective ;-) Suddenly, he stood up ran around their blanket and then down the beach and back. Appearances can be deceiving! Seeing them up close later they were probably in their forties and not an older couple at all. Makes me wonder what people think when they see me and my husband at a distance.

Then I saw another couple, one in a wheelchair and the other in a scooter. The one in the wheelchair, the man, was being towed by the woman in the scooter. They were having such fun going up and down the boardwalk looking at the ocean and all the sites around and being independent!

Then I saw some seagulls all facing the same direction. It was windy out and if you look closely and think that you are looking at the Atlantic Ocean, you can figure out what the wind direction was.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about our experience finding a local lighthouse. Stay tuned.
Oh, yes the wind direction is from the north. Seagulls face into the wind.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sand sculpting in VA Beach

The first days here we watched the sand sculptors as they made their creations. They were right outside our window. Normally, they work on Thursday before the Neptune Festival but that day was way too windy and so the sculpting was done on Sunday and we had a front seat view.

I found out that there are two categories, one amateur and one professional. Big difference and not just in the results, some of the amateurs were almost as good as the professionals. The help was the big difference. One of the ingredients for a sand sculpture in addition to sand is water. The water (ocean) is near but for the professionals, it is piped in from the ocean (including sand) to the location near the boardwalk. The amateurs need to carry water in buckets by themselves. The pile of sand is made by hand digging the sand with shovels. One very clever group in the amateur division built a pipe line with a big ladder and funnel in to a plastic pipe that went to their area. They needed to bring the buckets up the ladder to their pipe so the water could flow down to the site. If you look closely you can see the various parts of the procedure happening.

The amateurs had lots of group help, carrying water, digging and piling sand. Then someone took over with the actual sculpting. That is rather specialized. I can hear the meeting announcement now, “All report to the beach on Sunday for sand sculpting duty!”
You’ll notice many other “boardwalk superintendents” watching. Our view was much better!

We noticed that most of the amateurs were architects. One, Parsons Brinkerhoff was one of the architects for Boston’s Big Dig. (I’ll make no editorial comments other than to point it out.)

Here are some of the professional sculptures.

One of my favorites is Calvin and Hobbes. The other a favorite old Sunday School song about the Foolish man building his house upon the sand.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jewelry Selling Insights

First, let me say that we are having a wonderful vacation.

When I was catching up on my email this morning, I received David Weiman’s newsletter, Jewelry Selling Insights. I subscribe to his monthly newsletter. This month’s issue had an editorial I’d like to share with you.

Even though we are on vacation, it is impossible to not know what is going on in Washington, DC and Wall Street. Our son-in-law, a financial planner, is not having much fun at work lately, to say the least. David’s comments give one food for thought for those of us in the jewelry designing business. He puts a positive spin on jewelry designing and we need that right now even if it does not solve a lot of our problems. The first reaction of a jewelry designer might be that of despair. Who will buy our quality jewelry now? There is definitely some truth to that but David presents a different take on being a jewelry designer and therefore on buying quality jewelry.

Here is his editorial:

“Jack Bogle, founder and former CEO of the Vanguard Group, an investment company, was interviewed two weeks ago on the Michael Smerconish radio show here in Philadelphia.

In discussing the current economic situation, Bogle was asked how to improve the economy. To paraphrase, Bogle said that it’s important for people to make things that have real value. By “things,” he meant tangible things that people can buy and possess, as opposed to intangible things, like internet access, where there is no physical product.

Your jewelry has tremendous value beyond the esthetics. The piece you sell will last for generations. I can’t find a toaster that lasts three months, but for the same price I can buy a ring that may last forever. Think about (and promote) the extraordinary value that jewelry possesses.

Also, if you make a piece that doesn’t sell, you can take it apart and re‐use the components to make something else. Think a baker would like that option? ‘Hey, let’s take apart that cheesecake – it didn’t sell today.’

Feel great about your ability to make and sell things of beauty and value. You’re way ahead of the curve.

To selling more!
David Weiman Editor and Publisher”

You can read more about David Weiman and reached him at

What do you think? Will you still be designing jewelry? Will you still be buying quality jewelry? I’d appreciate any comments you might have on the subject.


I have to make an addition to this post. As I was making some final changes to this post (we are inside because it is raining) I looked out the window and saw this beautiful rainbow. Now, I can't show it all in one picture because my camera won't get it all at once. It goes from one end to the other, ending in the ocean at both ends. Amazing!

OK, all Jewelry Designers, go make some THING!