Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping for Beads

Yesterday, one of my beading buddies and I went to a Bead show. It was only one vendor, "Nice People 4 Y". They had some great gemstones, good quality, beautiful. Here is a picture of my newest "stash".

I thought it would be fun to show you how I go about designing a new piece. So, I chose the strand on the bottom to start. Now this is really just a start. I'm not at all enthused with what it looks like now.

First I went to my bead drawers and pulled out some Bali Silver. I only had two strands that would even work. One was oval and one was rectangular. I figured rectangular would be best (matching the rectangle stones.) But it is usually best not to make too many decisions before hand. So, I put them all together anyhow.

Next I grabbed my considerable stash of Swarovski bicones. Only three of my colors "would go". I did add a few "maybe's" Here is the picture of the first go-round.

Next I tried the stones without the Bali Silver.

That is when I said "Maybe tomorrow" Nothing seemed to work well but I'll keep trying with this strand and maybe I'll work with one of my other purchases. How about the top strand. It might be easier. Oh, yes, I also have a web order of beads coming that should be here today. So, I will have something new soon.


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