Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Blog List

I've been writing this blog for about 6 months, regularly. It has had its ups and downs as has everything else. The name even changed. But I do wonder if anyone is reading it.

I guess I had no idea how many blogs there were until I was looking at the profile of a blogger I was reading the other day. If you notice on the profile page (of the Google blogs like this one you can click on various information such as "location" to see who else lives there or "industry" to see who else is in that industry). Well, I found someone who lives in Berkeley, CA and clicked on that to find that just on this blog group (not to mention Wordpress and other groups) there were 2,500 bloggers in just that city. Massachusetts (me) has 35,900. So, that might be one explanation of why I never hear from anyone. There are so many blogs out there. Who knows I'm here???

I decided to add "My Blog List" to my information on the right side of the blog. That is a listing of those blogs I read. I've included the blog of Pastor Johnny, the co-pastor of our church. He has some great stuff. It is entitled "More Than Sunday".

Then there is "Ink Slingin' Woman" by Miachelle who is a jewelry designer but who also loves to write. Only some of her posts are about jewelry.

The third one is by Jean Yates. ""Snap out of it Jean there is Beading to be Done". I have one of Jean's books on jewelry making and really like it. Jean also writes about her life and an interesting one it is. Just the name of her blog may give you a clue to that.

Just yesterday, while surfing, I found a blog entitled"Closet Cooking". He gives recipes that are very intriguing and yet simple plus information about the recipe. Good stuff.

So, let me know if you are enjoying my blog and check out some of the blogs I read. Click on the one that interests you in "My Blog List" and read away.


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