Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Items

New Items
Firecracker plus
I made this at the request of a friend who saw some of my other Magatama Kumihimo bracelets. This is sold but I can make a similar one. It is almost impossible to make pieces exactly alike in this pattern. So many different variables. The way the colors are arranged on the disk, the clasp etc.
The colors would not have been MY first choice but after seeing the finished bracelet, I really like them. My supplier has over 72 different colors to choose from (I know that should be 'from which to choose') If you use about four different colors per bracelet that is a lot of choices!
She provided the clasp and there is another choice to make.
Here is a close up of the beads.
Contact me if you are interested in having your very own Firecracker type bracelet.
(Since it is sold, it is not on the website but others are) Click  here for More info
My other new bracelet, Polka Dot, is of interest because of the new kind of clasp, rather than the design though the design is interesting, too. Clasps are always hard to put on yourself and that is what makes magnetic clasps so desirable. But they also have some draw backs.
That always reminds me of the first magnetic clasp bracelet I made along time ago. It wasn't very strong and led to the following story:
"I've lost my new bracelet, please, let me know if you find it." I knew it was in the house but not where.
Shortly, my husband walked into the room with the lost bracelet. "Where did you find it?"
"In the freezer" The freezer had more attraction than I did, I guess.
Consequently, I have not made any more magnetic clasp bracelets since. Until now.
This clasp is magnetic and includes the end caps BUT in addition has a locking feature such that with just a small turn, the clasp is securely locked in place. Just untwist and pull to open. How is that for coolness in a clasp?
The combination of end caps and clasp is a great cost saver both for me and for you as a customer.
I call this one "Polka Dot" and it is on the website with more  more pictures. Click on the pictures or here for more information.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Earrings

New Earrings
(I've been busy)
I haven't made many earrings lately and suddenly, ideas just keep coming. The first two were easy since they matched the two recent pendants I've made.
These match the Twinkle Star pendant I made recently. They are the same size as the pendant.
Click the picture for more information or on the website.
Then I made some earrings to match the Trinity Pendant. (By the way I have ordered rings to make the design in blue, green and violet and I think I ordered purple too).
Click the picture for more information or on the website.
Before you send me an email, I realize these do not exactly match. I was trying out different versions and can't make up my mind. Let me know which one you like best.
(This is not on the website yet waiting on the variation decision.)
Then just one more. A more traditional chain maille pair of earrings. These are made with some twisted Argentium Sterling Silver rings connected with smaller rings. I really like the shiny bright look of twisted rings.
Click the picture for more information or on the website.
Hope you like the new earrings.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Trinity Pendant

Trinity Pendant
New Chain Maille
As most of you know, I love to make Chain Maille jewelry. Also, most people seem to love my Chain Maille jewelry. However, it is expensive to make and therefore to purchase.
To help with this "dilemma" I've decided to make some Chain Maille pendants that require fewer expensive silver rings or use some colored rings and therefore offer jewelry that is more affordable.
Here is my first attempt. I saw a picture that I liked and this is the results.
Not too good. The smaller rings are too big and the 3 large rings are not big enough.
The next step was to look through my stash of rings and I found some larger red rings that had come as a sample with an order. (Most freebies are not worth anything - but these samples finally found a home.) Then I found some smaller, small rings.
It was somewhat of a challenge to make the pendant similar to the picture but I was progressing. The rings are now in proportion and I came up with the name "Trinity"
Here is a close up of the results.

I have some more ideas that I'm working on for new pendants and hope to show some more next week.
How do you like this direction? Starting with the Star pendant last week and the Trinity pendant this week?
I really don't like to be stuck in a rut so I'll still be doing other types of jewelry but I really want your opinions. So, here is  your chance: Bev, this is what I think.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Silver Pendant

New Silver Pendant

I haven't made many new Silver pieces lately (Chain Maille)

I've been teaching some Chain Maille classes recently and that has sparked my interest in looking for some new things to make.

Now when I comes to Chain Maille, there isn't much that is new under the sun. The patterns are often referred to as "Ancient" patterns such as Byzantine. Plus, I've heard people say they were playing around with rings and thought they had come up with something new only to find out that many had already discovered the same thing.

So, when I found a picture on line of a Star pendant called "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" by Unkomen Supplies, I was pleased to find something different. It has all the usual, common, patterns but put together in a very unique way. I really liked it and ordered the rings and instructions.

What do you think?

Here is a close up of the Star.

At the moment, I only have one on hand but have the rings to make more.

Click on the pictures or go to the website for more information.

Until this Friday's special