Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Well, I mentioned earlier that I had a birthday coming up. My husband suggested that I pick out a present for my self. I was thinking - new watch. Mine is getting a little shabby.
This morning my daughter came up from the basement and announced : "I can't get the dryer to work!" So, my husband went downstairs and returned looking discouraged. Nothing he tried worked or rather got the dryer to work. After all we got it when we moved into this house. (That is 1981 - 26 years ago)

We had plans to go grocery shopping. That would have been a lot cheaper! After checking out dryers on the Internet, we went off to some local appliance stores. About $525 later, we have a new gas dryer. Well, we have ordered a new dryer. It will be delivered next Wednesday.

I hope to enjoy my new "watch"!

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