Monday, August 4, 2008

Shell Jewelry

I was looking though some old pictures and came across this one. A picture I took several years ago of the shell jewelry my Mother made during WWII. She always did lots of crafts but these were made to earn money. Her cousin worked at Kodak Park (Eastman Kodak) in Rochester, NY and she sold the pins and earrings to the secretaries she who worked there. (They were called secretaries then) She purchased an $89 Airway vacuum cleaner with her profits. That was a whole lot of money then. I still have several pieces of her shell jewelry and the picture reminds me of how you can have a great idea only to get side-lined. When I took the picture, I purchased 3 shadow box frames with the intent of making 3 shadow box frames of her shell jewelry. One for each of my children. As of today, I'm not exactly sure where they are. Undoubtedly, in the attic put away when I got tired of moving them around.

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