Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It occurred to me the other day that I have a birthday coming up. Further, it means I need to renew my drivers license. Always an experience, no matter what state you live in.

So today I filled out the form, made out the $40 check to RMV and went to our nearest Registry. The parking lot was full, not a good sign. I went in and waited in line to get a number. The number I was assigned was A262. As I looked up on the tote board I saw B143. So, I settled in for a long wait.

Much to my surprise, I had just settled in when they called "A262 - window #15" Yipes, I'm up already. So, I found window #15 (the last one - in the corner). A unsmiling clerk was waiting for me. I handed him all of my paperwork. He looked it over and then told me to look into the vision machine. (I had passed the first test - no mistakes in filling out the form)

"Read the colors to the bottom"

"Red, yellow, red, green" I said.

"Read the first line to the end" I did and I don't think I made any mistake as he then told me to

"Sit down on the chair" which I did.

"Take off your glasses"

"Take off my glasses?" I've worn glasses since I was 10 years old and have a requirement on my drivers license that I need glasses to drive.

"Take of your glasses!" OK, sir. Click. My picture showed up on a monitor in front of me.

"Is that OK?" I don't have my glasses on. However, after many pictures for drivers licenses I know better than to object. RMV employees rarely have any sense of humor. And they have lots of power.

The picture was OK - with out my glasses on. Now, you need to understand, I don't have eyebrows that show. I use my glasses as my eyebrows. One time when I was getting new glasses, I tried the rimless style. No eyebrows. So I went back to the usual frames.

I have to say that - no visible eyebrows - is what looks so strange about the license picture.

Anyhow, I'm good for another 5 years and I hardly ever look at the picture.

FYI, the non jewelry pictures I show in my blog like the one in this post are my magnets and they are available on my website.


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