Monday, May 28, 2012

New Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets
Single wrap
You may remember the Frog leather bracelet I made last fall and gave to my granddaughter for Christmas. It is a favorite of hers, I'm told.
I had a request from a customer to make one that was similar but with a Turtle button instead. Always up to a challenge, I started looking for a Turtle button. After a few emails back and forth we found a cute one that would both work for my customer and work for the bracelet design.
Here is a close up of the cute Turtle. I hope her friend likes it too. (It was for a gift)
You can see more information on the website by clicking here or on the pictures
Then while on a roll, I made another turtle bracelet and one with some round Fire Polish beads with a gold and pearl button. Just another look in a single wrap leather bracelet.
You can see more information and pictures by clicking here or on the picture.
I have a violet leather bracelet started but I ran into a snag when I discovered that the thread I tried to use looks awful with the color of the leather. "Invisible" thread is not always invisible. So, it is on hold until I can get to a bead store.

No problem since there are lots of things to do. We are moving the living room "forest" outside this weekend. That means vacuuming under places that have been hidden all winter. I'm finding some formerly lost beads and jump rings. It amazes me how far those little things can travel!
So the Bird of Paradise plants (plus) will be outside to get ready for another blossoming season next winter.
You can find all these new bracelets on the Ring by Ring Designs' website.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Kumihimo Bracelets

New Kumihimo Bracelets
I'm very excited to show you these new Kumihimo bracelets.
Awhile ago I showed you the Necklace made with Magatama seed beads. 
By mixing four different colors and also varying the direction of the beads, the look is very different than the one I showed you before.
I named this one "Blue Danube"
You can see more pictures and information about this bracelet on the website.
It is very hard to just make one so, I made one more. It only has two different colors but the colors are varied in the way they are put on the disk to be braided. Plus the directions of the beads are varied too.
This one is called "Sea Green"
You can see more pictures and information about this bracelet on the website.
The bracelet is about 5/8 inches wide but is not heavy. Because it is thick you need a slightly longer length for the bracelet than you normally would, so this measures over 8 inches in length but fits my normally 7 1/2 inch wrist.
Until this Friday's special
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kumihimo Necklace

Finished Kumihimo Necklace
Remember the unfinished Kumihimo necklace that I thought matched the Neiman-Marcus purse?
Well, I did finish the necklace and made more. I told you I was on a Kumihimo kick.
You can see more pictures and information on the website.
I had several kits of fiber cords that I had purchased awhile ago and when I pulled them out and matched them to some of the pendants I had, I made this one.
These fibers are in a collection called "Vegetation". Not a bad name but somehow, doesn't seem to fit a necklace. I changed it to "Green Moss" but I don't think that is any better.
You can see more pictures and information on the website.
Until this Friday's special

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Present
Normally we do not give birthday presents in our family but every once in awhile there is a good exception. This is one of those years for my oldest daughter. I won't say what makes it special. ;-)
As you may have noticed, I've been making a lot of Kumihimo pieces lately. Also, you may remember the beautiful Michael Harrington beads I purchased at my last bead show?  
After several trips to my local bead stores I came up with the above design. I found two large hole Bali type beads to frame Michael's focal bead. The large holes allow room for the cords in the Kumihimo braid. (Trip one)
Then I must have looked over every single seed bead in the store to find the right color to go with the focal bead. After I found one, I noticed that I had chosen Emerald. Which just happens to be the gemstone for the month of May. (Trip two)
Making the Kumihimo braid is often the easiest part of the whole design. The ends usually present a dilemma in finishing. End caps come in so many different sizes and shapes. I think we tried every end cap in the store and finally decided on these. (Trip three)
All of this is part of the jewelry designing process and I just love doing it. Especially with a nice result like this one. Any time you have design in mind you would like to see, just ask and we can usually come up with a great design.
I'm still working on last week's necklace. Haven't been able to find the end caps I like yet. But there is a bead show coming up this weekend and I plan to be there. No telling if I'll find anything but I'll be looking.
Until this Friday's special and next week,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glass Dome Pendants
New Video
Since I started making Glass Dome Pendants, I've been looking for new designs.
I've found lots. Some are good and some, not so much.
I decided it would be good to make a video of the ones I like and have featured on the website.
I had the most fun making some Kaleidoscope designs with some free ware I found on line.
Effectively, you can upload a picture and click "Kaleidoscope", the number of points and voila. It makes a Kaleidoscope design. Then with a little more adjusting I had some nice round designs for the pendants.
This one is made from the three rings in the Ring by Ring Designs logo
This one is from the picture of Michael Harrington's Beads that Bounce bead. You can see the original bead picture by clicking on the link above.
While you look at the video, see if you can figure out where I got the rest of the Kaleidoscope designs. Hint: look at the names. (Just the Kaleidoscope designs)
Click on link above or on the Lily to see the video.
Enjoy your look at the Flowers, Japanese Calligraphy, Sea Shells, Kaleidoscope Designs, Mandala Designs, Quilt Designs and the various others.
Remember, I can always make something special, too. Right now I'm working on a design for a graduation present representing the graduates' college.
Until this Friday's special and next week,
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