Monday, March 29, 2010

New Chain Maille Bracelet

This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The 'funny' thing is that I've had those green rectangles around for quite awhile. Never could come up with a piece that I liked using them. I purchased a strand and they are all different. Some have more brown and yellow stripes in the rectangle. I chose these three because the were all green and white.

Then I added segments of the Parallel or Helm weave. Added a clasp and ta da, finished.

I'm always amazed at the designing process. Sometimes easy and sometimes hard. Sometimes you just have to wait awhile for the results to come together. This will be available soon on our Ring by Ring Designs web site.

What do you think of the results of waiting?

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ring by Ring Designs

I've been very lax lately in posting on my blog. Not that I have not been busy but I've been working hard with my new designer partner, Pam Barrett. I think I mentioned before that we have joined together to form a new business "Ring by Ring Designs". Totally amazing how much time new adventures take.

Pam has a slightly different style than I do but one thing in common, we love to design Chain Maille. This is one of my new designs, partly inspired by Pam and partly by Urban Maille. They have new copper twisted wire rings. Don't they add a lot to the design?

The basic pattern is byzantine segments but the middle rings are twisted copper. Then the segments are separated by a "rose" constructed with three large twisted copper rings.

I've made this basic pattern before from a kit from Urban Maille called Byzantine Rose.

I really like the results. What do you all think?