Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chain Maille 1/2 Persian

(Note: if you have been following my posts in my previous blog, you will notice this is a repeat. However, if you are new - so is this)

As you know, I love making chain maille. I haven't been making many pieces lately. I've been making Kumihimo instead. Well, has recently offered a new advanced kit for Half-Persian pattern. Half-Persian is one of those patterns that is not hard but is a bear to start. I've made it before but really remember how much trouble it was and how many different tutorials I tried before I "got it".
Aislyn, at Urban Maille, is well known for providing great tutorials. She waits years before putting out tutorials before she makes it available. So, after much waiting by her customers, she put out the tutorial for Half Persian. I was sure she would be able to make it easier than what I had gone through to make my Half Persian. So, I bought her tutorial and this is the result. It is made from copper and Argentium sterling silver. The purpose of the two metals is to make the pattern easier to follow (which it is) I was not disappointed with her instructions. Having struggled with it before, it was a "duh!" moment when I looked at her instructions. Finished in about an hour! Her instructions included the ring sizes for other gauges. This is 14 gauge and it rather heavy. My favorite gauge to use is 18 (the larger the number, the smaller the ring gauge). So, my next one will be in a smaller gauge and probably all one type of metal. I love copper when it shines but it tarnishes very quickly. I'll show you that one when I finish it. (Assuming other things don't get in the way) ;-)

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