Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture of taking a Picture

Many years ago, I wondered, if your vacuum cleaner gets dirty and dusty, "How do you clean it?

Well, fortunately, at the time I had a second vacuum cleaner and I could vacuum the first one and get all the little parts clean. (I don't worry about things like that so much any more)

I was presented with a similar dilemma today when I wanted to show how I took a picture of Lexie's bracelet that I've been working on so much lately. You remember, trying to get a pure white background and still being able to have a good picture of the bracelet. I must have taken 100's of pictures. Most are too dark, not good color and so on and on...

One by one, I've been zeroing in on what works and what does not work. I tried different light, different adjustments on the camera and my photo adjusting software. I finally think I've got it!

Today I'm going to show you (as much as can be shown) the set up I devised.

For lighting, I used my Ott light that gives natural light. (My other halogen lights are a yellow-white light) I purchased some foam core board to make a "light box". But I was still getting glare on the pearls. So, from the kitchen drawer, I used a translucent white plastic bowl to diffuse the light. That, at this point, it is hand held. If this works well, I may get a more stable set up. (The wind blew in the window and down it all went!)

We have some old green insulators that I used to prop up the foam board. I do have a real tripod, thanks to my husband. My camera has a self timer and many adjustments that I'm learning about. So, here is the picture of my picture taking set up. Cool isn't it?

I really have to thank Jim Juris, who has written an eBook on taking pictures of jewelry. That was the other thing I bought. Great book, downloadable. His first suggestion was to get to know your camera (read the manual, duh!) and play with it. Well, I've played with my camera now and I must admit, at least with my camera, I know lots more that I used to. (I love the point and shoot part of the camera still!) Jim has a web site

Check him out! There were other tips too. Thanks Jim.

Tomorrow, I'll post one of my good pictures. Till then


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  1. Hi Bev,

    It is good to see that you are making great progress with your jewelry photography. It sounds like you are having fun with photographing jewelry.

    Try using duct tape to hold your foam core light box together. Just be sure that you place some clear packing tape that is about 2 inches wide over your foam core board before you use the duct tape so that you don't ruin the foam core board if you ever pull off the duct tape.

    Also check your cameras white balance setting when you use the halogen lamp in your photography. You may have to use a different white balance setting with the halogen lamp.

    Thank you very much for recommending my ebook, and keep up the great work.