Thursday, January 1, 2009



Remember "Y2K"? Ten years ago we were (well, some were) wondering if the computers would fail. Lots of things have happened since then. In the world and personally.

I was recovering from the year 1999 with treatments for Breast Cancer. And, Thank God, I'm still here, just 10 years older and retired. I've started a jewelry business that, though slowly, is growing. In the year 2008, our Lexie jewelry was able to donate close to $4,000 to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute.

Many, many thanks to those who purchased jewelry and to those who helped spread the word. Lexie is now ten years old and doing well, at last report. She still has hopes and prays that her fellow brain tumor friends will continue to improve. She has lost several friends recently and it seems to be getting harder for her to cope.

Lexie's Mom has a great journal on her Caring Bridge site and she has recently has some great reflective posts about what they have learned from the little kids who have not survived. Check it out at

I plan to be adding more sophisticated things both to my web site and blog as well as to my jewelry designs. January always brings the desire to learn a new techinque. Last year it was Kumihimo. This year, I have some ideas but nothing definite yet. Keep tuned.

Any how, what are some of your 2009 goals? I'd like to hear about them and thanks for reading my blog in 2008.



  1. Y2K was a pain in the butt. I work in I.T. and we did have changes we had to make to all of our client's computers, but thank God all the predicted problems didn't happen. Everyone was too well prepared for that.
    This year? Goals and such? To clear out my bead room (it has turned into a junk room lately) and to get back to making jewelry. I have so many ideas but they are all in my head because I have lacked the initiative to make them happen. This year I will get back to it!

  2. Bev

    Congratulations on surviving and thriving my friend! My goals this year are to find more pathways for prosperity through my creativity and to share the power of the creative to transform with as many folks as I can. I want to show The Average Jane that she can make extraordinary things from ordinary things that surround her every day.

    Happiest of New Year's to you!


  3. Happy New Year Bev!! You're an inspiration having survived breast cancer and doing lots to help others. I'm taking your cue and plan to also do more on my blog.

  4. Happy New Year to you!
    I'd like to get deeper into off-loom beadweaving and native American beadworking techniques. And wirework/chainmaille catches my eye, too. I mastered some basic techniques, but hope to get deeper into it besides work.

  5. Thanks for all the New Year's wishes Nice to hear your goals too. Bev