Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bird of Paradise

Way back my brother-in-law went to Hawaii and brought back some Bird of Paradise seeds. We each received one and we have had plant(s) ever since. It is now as old as our oldest daughter (I’m not giving out the year to protect the innocent - which includes me)

Anyhow, we have had very good luck with blossoms and this one came into bloom just before we left for Christmas vacation. There are two others too but this is the best picture.

We could divide the plant into several smaller plants. This one resides in large "garbage" can with wheels on it. However, the wheels really don't help when it comes to moving it. They all reside outside during the summer and it is always a big production when we move the "forest' inside or outside. My husband has a "ramp" to go up the two steps (one at a time) from the front side walk into the front hall. Then around the corner to the place of honor in the living room front windows. Several other plants are there also.

My jewelry table and shelves are next to the "forest" and it makes a cozy place to do my designing and construction of my pieces.

This picture gives a little more perspective on the space involved. (Our ceilings are 10 feet tall and the windows are to the left - the Christmas tree is in the door way to the hall) It is nice to have some beautiful flowers in the winter time.



  1. My goodness, Bev! It's huge. Now I know you do have a green thumb for sure. I liked the spectacular morning glory you showed some time ago. Pearl

  2. Actually, my husband has the green thumb and he is the one who hauls the bird in and out of the house in spring and fall.

  3. Beautiful bird of paradise! I love how you've brought it into the house!


    Happy New Year, Bev! Wishing you magic!