Friday, January 2, 2009

Snowflake Pendant !!!!

The world's tallest snowman is no man. Olympia, towering in at 122 feet is the tallest on record.

You ever wonder what is done with a winter snow that is more than needed in Bethel, Maine?

The "snow woman" towering over this village features eyelashes created from discarded skis and bright red lips made from painted car tires. She wears a giant red hat and a 100-foot-long scarf, and her blond tresses are made from rope. The arms are large "Christmas" trees.

She gets a little bling from a snowflake pendant that's 6 feet long. Now I've made big pendant necklaces before but this takes the cake, so to speak.

Here is a picture of the "installation" of the snowflake pendant.

As much as I love the big snowflake pendant, I really love the eyelashes. Somehow, it gives perspective to me. Each lash is a SKI! Oh, yes, the lips made of 5 red tires!

When was the last time you built a snowman/snow woman? How large was it?



  1. I cannot remember the last time but I'm pretty sure it didn't get very big because I hate the cold. My toes turn totally white and numb in a short amount of time and then I just want a warm bath to thaw them out.
    Guess I'm more of an indoor girl.

  2. wow that is really huge! the red tires look like breakfast cereals.

  3. Sistren Bev,

    I wonder how big her mascara tube is?

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  4. It must have been quite a job to stick in the fir tree arms!!! I wonder who knit the 100 foot long scarf?

  5. OMG! Talk about spider eyes! LOL LOL LOL

  6. This is just crazy!!!! And I love crazy ideas. :-)

  7. Spider eyes to say the least, Charity.

    Pearl, I would not have liked to be the one to knit the scarf. Maybe they had a knitting bee.

    Lady roots, interesting question. Mascara tube. How about the mirror to check it out?

    Art Lover, I agree they look like Cheerios on a grand scale.

    And BetteJo, I'm with you, the cold gets to me more with each passing year and I didn't have far to go. (unfortunately, I don't like the heat either.

    Kokopelli - crazy idea but this is the second time they made one. Second bigger than the first. They wanted to break a record but no one else tried it, so they broke their own record.