Friday, January 23, 2009

Project starts

As I blogged about earlier, I went to a bead show last Saturday. Yesterday, I posted one of the first pieces. I thought I might be on a roll because it went together so quickly and easily. Well, I now have three additional pieces - part of my roll I guess, but none are finished.

This is the Kumihimo I have been working on while waiting for my computer. I really like how these fibers are going together. (Much prettier in person) I have more waiting time to go to be finished and then need a pendant to finish it off.
The other pieces need "something" that I don't have. Actually, I not really sure, exactly, what any of them need. Which means I need a trip to the local bead store. It will be worth while since it will be for three pieces.

These are the Kazuri beads I purchased. The necklace needs more length and of course a clasp. I plan to add an extender as this type of necklace needs to be lengthened for different necklines and for different people. Probably 18 - 20 inches finished. I'll see how things work out. Many factors...

These are great painted wooden beads. I added some black rounds and small white spacers. However, it is too short and needs more .... ???
When I finish all of these pieces I'll post again. It will be interesting to see how similar the finished pieces are to these pictures.


  1. Sistren Bev,
    The black and white beads are beautiful. They look like ceramic beads, not wooden. If I were filling out that one, I would bead some thin peyote tubes in black and white delicas to use as spacers.
    Can you refer me to a website for a kumihimo tutorial that does not depend on a video? My slow dial up connection here in Jamaica doesn't allow me to watch videos. I want to try kumihimo.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  2. Love what you have started. You are so productive. I've been in a slump, wanting to try some new things (PMC), but can't find time (and I'm a little fearful). So I've been on the computer a lot trying to do some marketing.

  3. You are indeed on a roll! That black and white necklace is a stunner.

  4. You know, I bought a kumihimo disk about a year and a half ago, since I have so much fiber in the house - and I have yet to take it out of it's bag! How do you like it? Your cord looks lovely...

  5. Melissa, Do try the Kumihimo. I really like making things with the disk. If you have lots of fibers available you can come up with some great cords. I love to see what the results will be. Sometimes it is surprising but I haven't made one yet that I didn't like. Give it a go!