Monday, January 5, 2009

One Meaning Couture Jewelry

This is a sample of some of the lovely jewelry sold at

Notice the number "813" forms a butterfly. The meaning of "813" is "8" letters, "3" words "1" meaning. The words "I Love You".

I found this site through the blog of Lexie's Mom, Alice Williams at

(You remember Lexie is the 10 year old girl that inspired my line of Lexie's Jewelry)

Alice has been writing a lot lately about "Sharing Love" and "Living in the Moment, Playing in the Moment, Cherishing every Moment". It s a philosophy that Alice is determined to see spread everywhere.

This is a philosophy that comes from living with Cancer patients and their families. Recently, one of their little friends, Devon, lost her battle with a brain tumor. It has been a time of healing and "keeping on" in the Williams family. It would be hard enough for them to loose one friend but, unfortunately, it is not just one in their circle of brain tumor friends.

This web site was recommended by Devon's father as one that was supporting Brain Tumor research by donating 8.13% of their sales (813 - get it?) to "The Friends of Jaclyn" a brain tumor child. This is the first of various charitable organizations that "One Meaning Couture" will be donating to various charities.

They have a line of apparel for sale, also. Check it out.

To me this sort of thing is a real win-win idea and worth supporting.



  1. In our family we call it appreciating every moment of every day especially the company of those you love. It is a philosophy that was also formed from living with a Cancer diagnosis. My husband is beating the odds as a 6 year colon cancer survivor. We make an effort to remember that his life is a gift and that family is everything. My thoughts and prayers are with Alice and Lexie.

  2. Bonnie, Well said. Most everyone knows someone or has been, themselves, affected by cancer.