Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandson's answer to spills

My grandson has a way of dealing with his clothes when he spills on them.

The first spill was on his shirt front. An easy fix is to just turn the shirt around. No more spot on the front of his shirt.

Then what do you do when the spill goes all the way down to your pants?

No problem, just turn the pants around. (Not too sure what happens when he sits down again.)

But the two pockets right in the front of your pants could come in handy!

Kids always seem to find and easy fix to their problems.

(Did you notice the container of corn - odd for a 4 year old??)



  1. It's funny that he even cares about the spills! But turning around his clothing reminds me of the cat sticking only it's head under the couch thinking you can't see her! Lol! You have to wonder what goes on in kid's minds. Cutie!

  2. Kids are funny, aren't they??

    And, no upcoming shows as of yet, but the year is young! Tough economy... But, there is hope. Workin' on getting an exhibition in Boston later this year. Will keep you posted! :D

  3. Really cute! And clever for a 4 year old. Reminds me of my friend's baby son who didn't bother with picking up bits of cereal individually as it was too hard. He just put his sticky palms down and picked up a whole bunch of cheerios that way!!

  4. Your grandson...what a handful! :) But adorable indeed! :)

  5. bev I have to show this to my daughter, mother to 3 boys. She will love it!
    He's definitely a cutie!