Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globe Awards

I'm really not into the Golden Globe Awards or any of the Award shows for that matter. Just not my thing. But Margot Potter of the Impatient Crafter pointed out that the stars, with few exceptions, didn't wear necklaces at the Golden Globe Awards this year. You can read her blog post here:(http://margotpottertheimpatientcrafter.blogspot.com/2009/01/golden-globe-favorites.html)

This morning's MSN TV site had a nice piece showing 14 of the attendees in their fabulous gowns. Margot's point was proven. Only three wore a necklace. The rest were strapless gowns and bare necks. http://tv.msn.com/golden-globes/photos/undressed-best/?GT1=28013&photoidx=1
I just love this quote from MSN TV about Selma Hayek's picture "She's a standout -- literally and figuratively -- in a va-va-voomy beige Bottega Veneta gown that accentuates her Jayne Mansfield-meets-Jessica Rabbit silhouette."
Maybe she doesn't need a necklace with that silhouette.

One of my favorites is Christina Applegate who had a double mastectomy this past year and still looks beautiful in a strapless sunny yellow strapless gown with a necklace.

Why do you think that is? No necklaces? I wonder, if no one offered to let them wear one of their expensive pieces to show off. That is usually the way they can afford to wear such expensive pieces of jewelry. Or so I hear.

I wonder if I offered to let someone wear one of my necklaces if they would accept. Who do you contact to find out? You must have to "know" someone. Could we find out?


  1. I think it's fine without a necklace if the dress neckline area is already striking. But they must at least wear earrings!

  2. I imagine someone whispered about how it would be tacky to be ostentatious when the economy is bad and people are suffering. Not that anyone believes they really care!
    Yay to Christina Applegate - glad she has picked up and kept moving - glamorously no less!

  3. Salma Hayak doesn't have the room for a necklace!

  4. Hey, I'd like to see one of my pieces in an award show, too! Where do I have to call (because I DON'T "know" someone)? :-)
    I think that beautiful (and matching) jewelry always sets accents to a beautiful dress and makes a woman "shine". And it depends on what you want to accentuate, the dress or the jewelry. If the dress, wear simple jewelry, otherwise bold, chunky pieces. Personally I feel naked without any necklace or earrings.