Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Newest Kumihimo Necklace.

Here is the latest Fiber Kumihimo necklace.

The pendant is from a shop on

Now matter what you do to photograph fused glass, it never looks as nice as in person.

I tried to capture the colors in the pendant and chose black with gold, plain gold and a bumpy purple cords to use.

Never sure if the colors look right together, I put it aside for awhile to get a "fresh eye" perspective. I think it works.
The fun part of this Fiber Kumihimo is that I made it during my "waiting for my computer" time. You know, waiting for the computer to boot up, waiting for things to download. I guess I never really realized how much time is "wasted" just waiting.



  1. I think the colors work well together - it's beautiful.

    You're so right about wasted time waiting on the computer. I've been having trouble with my internet being especially slow.

  2. Ha! My thought! I have my Kumihimo disc next to my computer. :-)
    And all jewelry pieces look better in person than on a photo.

  3. Kokopelli,
    Great minds think alike! Makes great sense to me but I have to start another project since I finished this one.

  4. The colors do indeed work! So pretty!

  5. Oh, it's beautiful! I love what you did with the pendant I made. You did it justice, and then some!
    : ) Gorgeous work.