Monday, January 26, 2009

Kazuri Necklace

I showed these Kazuri beads in a previous post. I purchased them last Saturday at the Innovative Bead show. My initial plan was to make a bracelet from the three beads. But that turned out not to be a good option since the length of the three beads together didn't fit well on a wrist. (At least not my wrist - so I figured it wouldn't on anyone else's either.)

Next, my thoughts went to making a bracelet from the flat round bead and use the other cube shaped beads for earrings. That idea didn't seem to work either since I think the cube beads are a bit heavy for earrings. At least for my taste.

The next step was easy. Make a necklace. I had some nice silver noodles that I had planned to use in the bracelet. So, I added some green Swarovski bicones and some Bali daisy spacers and voila a necklace. And the roll goes on!

The necklace is about 18 inches long and I added a 2 inch extender.

I've posted it on my 1000 Markets web site. Come check it out at



  1. first , let me say that i like your beading so much n i think your taste is great .
    second , i liked your blog as well ,
    i guess it won't be my last visit :)

    my best regards,

  2. The curved silver tubes as well as the the bicones in between all do justice to the Kazuri beads. I like!!

  3. I like how the green crystals accent the colors in the large beads. Very pretty!

  4. BTW Bev, I just gave you a blogging award! Check it out!

  5. i also think the necklace is the best idea for these lovely Kazuri beads. great work!