Thursday, January 15, 2009

South Shore Beaders

Last night we had our monthly meeting of the South Shore Beaders. The group has about 8-9 "members" who are jewelry designers and live in the local area (South of Boston, MA)
With the busy holiday season over we were all ready for good "bead talk and sharing". Our simple reason for getting together.
There were only 6 of us last night and we started gabbing as soon as we were seated. The restaurant we go to is Bertucci's and they nicely give us three tables off toward the back of the restaurant. It is nice and quiet and we can stay as long as we like.
The waitress has a bit of a problem getting our orders as we are usually all talking and tend to ignore her. However, since we go to the same place all the time, we know the menu and our favorites and it isn't that hard once she gets our attention.
Most everyone brings some thing for "Show and Tell". Last night's items were new fused glass photo pendants, some beautiful crocheted black and gold ropes, a Kumihimo necklace, and a gorgeous felted hand bag. (Someone took a bead break)
Before we left we had decided on our next meeting date, a date to learn how to crochet bead ropes, a date to learn graduated Full Persian earrings and of course times when we would attend the Innovative Bead show in Marlboro this coming weekend.
All in all it was a great gathering with lots of fun and friendship.

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  1. Your description of the South Shore beaders' meetings at restaurants sound just like the fun ones we have for the Beadsisterhood. Sometimes we have to keep ordering as we are there for so long!