Monday, January 19, 2009

Kazuri beads and other goodies

Saturday, two other friends and I travelled to Marlboro, MA to the Innovative Bead show. I really enjoy that show. It is held in the Embassy Motel. All the vendors are on one floor and each have their own room which includes a living room turned into a show room for their wares and a separate bedroom where they can sleep. The show starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.

It must be great to sleep with your wares and not have to set up and take down each night.

You wander up and down the corridor and enter those rooms that interest you. Hmm... which ones don't interest you?

I have always liked the Kazuri beads at the bead display of Kazuri Bead East, but have not purchased any until Saturday. I like the beads and I, also, like to support a Fair Trade Business. The beads are hand made in by women in Kenya. They are payed a fair wage and are often the sole support of their family. They are a members of the Fair Trade Federation. One of those win-win situations. I've always tried to quiz vendors about their sources and support (buy from) those that have good working conditions.

I also found some nice fibers for a Kumihimo necklace or bracelet. Now it snowed here all night Sunday and almost all day too. So, I had time to do some planning and designing. Nothing complete yet but later this week I should have something new to show.



  1. I've never been to a bead show of any kind, how cool!

  2. I think sleeping close to their merchandise makes a lot of sense, securitywise. I'd love to attend a glass bead show sometime.

  3. I love handmade Kazuri jewellery. There is a design for every season from cool bright colours for the summer to rich reds and golds for Christmas and winter.

  4. Jane, You do some beautiful things with Kazuri beads. I especially like the white and black one. I have only made two pieces using the Kazuri beads. Everytime I go to the local bead show, I try to buy some. Such a good cause too.