Friday, August 28, 2009

Silver Earrings

Yesterday, I showed my Kindred Hearts Chain Maille bracelet variation where I just added initials to make it personal. Apparently several of you liked the variation also. Anyhow, I was asked to make earrings to wear with the bracelet.

I had made some a while ago that were one piece. Ear nut attached. That was the starting place and this is the results. (Note: I hate taking pictures of shiny silver) While I was at it, had all the little silver beads out, I decided to make two pairs.

This morning while I was taking pictures, I noticed that no matter how I tried to move the earrings around, the earrings did not look the same.

Do they look the same to you?

I keep all my round silver beads in a box with little divisions. They are in plastic bags to prevent tarnishing. I have several bags of each size and just grab "the large ones" or "smallest ones". I'm pretty good at knowing what the measurement is. Most of the time.

This time I needed my calipers to prove that I'm not as good as I think I am. Have you figured out why they don't look exactly the same?

Two of the larger beads in the left earring are 8 mm beads and all the rest of the larger beads are 6 mm. I suppose if you wore them, one on each ear, no one would notice. However, I think I'll just make another matching one. ;-)

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  1. Oh that's so funny - I was looking at the smaller beads - didn't notice the bigger ones were different!