Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lexie Williams Part 2

I have no new news about Lexie but thought I'd share part of a post from her Mom, Alice, on her Caring Bridge journal. Alice posts some time most every evening and I usually read it before I go to bed. Last night the Sox were being slaughtered by the Yankees and so went to be earlier than usual. I found her post waiting this morning when I got up and read my emails.

I thought the first part of her post was too good not to share with all of you. Everyone has their own set of problems but those with Cancer seem to have a special set of problems. As with everything, it depends on what we do with the problem.

Alice's quote is from a fellow BT(brain tumor) family member. You can read the whole post here.

"It's called "Medal of Honor" and he describes it as a partial path to earn a 'medal' for living life. Here are a couple from his list: 1) Attitude is the factor in life we most control. 2) Energy and action spring from a positive attitude. 3) Winners regard a setback as a disappointment, not discouragement or despair--just disappointment. 4) The setback is not the test - the COMEBACK is. 5) Embrace life with passion and compassion. 6) Love and be loved."

The above quote is from a BT friend, and it was very helpful to remind Who We Are today- We are BT family- We Are Warriors- We Do Not Give up, and a Setback is only a disappointment, that's IT!!! Thanks, Marianne !!! "

So, let your attitude be your guide no matter what your situation.

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  1. She and her family are truly remarkable and courageous.