Friday, August 21, 2009

Gold Filled Chain Maille Bracelet

I decided awhile ago that I should "invest" in some gold filled rings and make some Chain Maille. The easiest thing was to make some earrings. (Don't have a picture) The quickest was the Mobius pattern which is merely 3 inter twined rings. It is, however, the easiest to make and the most popular since it is simple and a "go with everything" piece.

The next piece I made was bracelet in the Euro 4 in 1 pattern. Now while the base for the bracelet was finished awhile ago, I lacked just a few rings to finish. It was then put aside. With my latest, clean up and organization the unfinished bracelet showed up again.

Yesterday, I went off to my local bead shop Beadcache to pick up some odds and ends and found some gold filled rings and a clasp to finish the bracelet. (It is now on my wrist!)

I think it was worth the wait.

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