Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kindred Hearts Chain Maille bracelet - variation

I love it when customers have suggestions for variations of my pieces. Kindred Hearts has been a popular bracelet. Something about hearts I think. Anyhow, a friend came over to pick out a bracelet for a friend. I had several extra things on my dining room table that I was working on. Nothing, (I thought) she would be interested in. Grandmother's bracelets, some with names in the bracelet. The box of letters was sitting near where we were. She looked at the pieces I had picked out for her to look at.

Suddenly, she said "Could you add initials to this bracelet?" She picked up the Kindred Hearts bracelet. I took a piece I had already put together (just the hearts) and sure enough the addition of the initials looked great.

It is made with the Barrel Chain Maille weave. Here is the finished bracelet, hearts and initials. What do you think of the addition of the initials?

Next we looked at earrings. I had made some a while ago that were one piece. Ear nut attached.
I'm finishing them up tonight. I'll let you see what we came up with tomorrow.

B and


  1. I LOVE it with the initials! It personalizes the bracelet. Not that it wasn't a beautiful piece before, but they initials are a great feature.

  2. This bracelet is looking awesome. I really like its design and colors. I love to wear it.

  3. The initials look great, and I think people are looking for more personalized pieces of jewelry. Great job, Bev. BTW, I like hearts too.

  4. I agree the initials are brilliant! They really personalise the lovely bracelet. I also like that there are more than one heart.

  5. Very nice! Sometimes outside input is really helpful!

    I posted about my bracelet, it's lovely!