Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Start on PMC Pendant

I haven't made any PMC pieces since I took my class a few weeks ago. Summer got in the way plus I needed to gather new tools to start. However, I got antsy the other day and decided that I would start and go as far as I could. Then, at least, I would know what I'm missing and need to purchase.

I did get some items soon after the class. For example, I went to our local hardware store and purchased a small length of PVC pipe for a roller. Cost me 50 cents. Good deal. Then someone in our group was placing an order from www.cooltools.us. I added a few things to the order. That included a brass brush (to clean off the residue after firing in the kiln), a small work surface that I could clean and designate to PMC. (You can see part of it in the pictures. It includes measurements) I also made up some packs of cards that are used both in PMC and polymer clay to roll out the clay in different thicknesses.

So, I gathered the new work surface, the roller, cards, clay and stopped. I didn't have any "cookie cutters" to make a nice shape. I then went scavenging in my drawers and found some old round tins that I had purchased jump rings in from Urban Maille. After they were empty I naturally saved them. Well, the top is clear and has a very sharp circular shape. Perfect! I found some larger similar containers that I could use for the oil and water containers. Off to the local hardware store to buy a sponge and shortly after I had two nice round sponges that fit right in the round container. (With the help of my kitchen scissors) Add oil and water and I'm now almost ready to start.

Check list: work surface, roller, plastic for top and bottom of the clay, cutter, oil, water.
Oops, need something to add texture for the circle pendant. I looked around my desk and found the little flower I had added to the copper piece from my Cold Connection class. Hmmm... So I tried it and it worked perfectly.

Oh, and then I had to make a hole for the jump ring. And sitting right there in my pencil cup was the little red straw we had used in my class. I don't throw away much. It just surprised me that I was able to find it.

To me, the pendant, right now, looks like the surface of the moon. I need to do a bit of cleaning up of the edges. (Need to get some sanding papers) and then have the piece fired. It will be more efficient to make a few more pieces before firing as that takes time and a kiln. I have a good friend (she took the class with me) and she has offered to share kiln time with me. As I said, a good friend.

I have some more tools and items coming soon and I think I'll wait before making another piece. Got to get those designing juices going. So, stay tuned for the next step (kiln process) with this pendant and other pieces too.


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  1. OK, Bev. I have all the supplies to do PMC and have been putting it off. You've inspired my to just do it and dig in. Thanks!!