Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lexie's Bracelet

The brochure for Lexie's Jewelry says on the front "It all started with a bracelet - Support Cancer Research with each purchase"

Sales were wonderful for the first two years. It figures that after awhile most everyone who wanted Lexie's Jewelry pieces would already have one. So it wasn't surprising when there have been no sales for the last several months. (It came at a good time since I was out of commission for awhile)

Several things have happened lately. First, Lexie's MRI came back showing a "measurable" growth in her brain tumor. Second, no matter what the results were, Lexie and her family will continue to support Cancer Research (as will I as a survivor myself) and third there is a run for the Jimmy Fund on September 13 that needs support. So, all of us are hoping to gain a few runners (physical and virtual) and raise support for the Jimmy Fund.

Having made the need known again, I've had some new orders. What I'm showing today is the construction of a Lexie Bracelet. It consists of 5 colors of Swarovski pearls with daisy Bali silver spacers.

Making "regular" jewelry is different than making a "production" type piece like Lexie's bracelet. You have to get out all the parts and make them as quickly as possible. Once the parts are out, it is easier to make a bunch. Which is what I do. (See picture above - all ready to go)

I lay out the beads in order before I start. (I get in a zone and really need to have the order all set up. No decisions) Here is the bracelet strung.

Next I add the lobster claw clasp. That type makes it easier to make the bracelet expandable with the addition of a small chain on the other end. When you are selling bracelets to many people you don't have to worry about size as much. Though I do make them larger or smaller on request.

Before I crimp the last crimp, I check it with a sample to make sure everything is OK. You see the sample I use is missing one little daisy bead. Can you see where? Anyhow, it is easier to fix the mistake now rather than have another "sample".

Now the finished bracelet goes into a plastic baggy with information about the bracelet and most important "Thanks for your purchase"

Finally, it is packed, addressed and mailed off.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. You can see all of the Lexie Jewelry line on my web sites.


www.bevsjewelry.com and www.bevsjewelry.1000markets.com

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  1. Incredible, it's so easy!! I must try to do it by myself. I have many types of hand-making earrings. Thanks for the advice, it's a good post. I will reply you after I will finish.