Friday, August 7, 2009

Energizer Hot Hare Balloon

Each year the Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Rally has something special. This year it is the Energizer Hot Hare Balloon. The first time it was inflated, we did not see it as we were chasing the Irish Rover. But Saturday evening we decided not to chase and watched as the balloon was inflated.

Because it is so big, they waited until most of the other balloon left the field. I've watched lots of balloons set up and take off. This balloon was a bit different.

First, they lay out a very large tarp to protect the balloon. Most of the smaller ones don't bother as it is just one more thing to have to pack up and usually they don't have the extra hands that this one does. Actually, we think that they recruit local people to help with some of the chores.

Anyhow, next, they lay the balloon out on the tarp. With gloves on and bare feet people walk all over the balloon ( a real no-no with smaller balloons) spreading out the various parts of the balloon. Most balloons are just one piece and easier to handle.

It takes a long time to inflate Energizer.

I took a series of pictures for that and you can see them all here. Energizer Hot Hare Balloon pictures

OK, now back to jewelry posts on Monday. Til then.

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