Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've always know that I'm a multi-tasker. When we lived in Hemlock, NY and I was younger, I used to get supper started and then go into my sewing room and sew for awhile as supper was cooking.

Now, with my new workspace, I'm able to do multi-tasking again, this time with my jewelry.

I went for Physical Therapy for my wrist for the first time today and came home with a set of instructions. Exercises to do twice a day. I have to have things in front of me so I remember things like that. So as you can see in the picture, the instructions are right there in front of me. (Also, the red ball to squeeze) Plus several other projects. My computer sometimes takes a long time to load up and rather than just sit there, I now can have several projects going. You can see a Kumihimo bracelet started (the partially strung blue beads) and a chain maille bracelet ready to go now that I received the jump rings. (green hearts and bag of rings on the left in the picture)

So, what ever hits my fancy at the time, I have plenty to do, right there on my new table.

Did I mention, I like my new workspace/table? Don't have to put everything away all the time. Don't have to remember "What was I going to do?" It makes me much more efficient.

Do any of you have tricks like that to be more efficient?

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  1. I have a worktable too which lets me keep everything on the go too but mine is WAY more untidy! Pearl

  2. I haven't been working at my work table! Didn't have physical therapy when I broke my ankle, even after surgery and plates and stuff. The doc just told me to "do the alphabet" with my foot. I still managed to get at least 95% range of motion back. Pretty good for the seriousness of the injury.