Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Balloon Rally - Part 2 - Landing

After the balloons are launched the next important thing is landing. Our Doctor has a saying in his office: "Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first!"

After the balloon takes off from the field, the chase vehicle tries to follow closely. They have two-way radios to keep in touch. Another handy thing is someone in the vehicle who knows the area. Knowing the local roads is helpful. (Many of the local roads in NH are dirt roads)

When you are up in the air enjoying all the sights, you start looking for safe landing places. Something flat, fairly large, NO electric wires. This year has been very wet in the northeast and NH was no exception. Because of that, most fields are not mowed yet. You can see the path made by the chase vehicle. The balloon is now in the deflating process. It takes several to hold it down and control the location of the balloon as it comes down. You need a safe place to lay it down while it is readied to be put in the bag to be transported back to the field or home.

Now the best part. After the balloon, basket and all the other necessary item are put away, the celebration takes place. Everyone is given a small glass of champagne. A bottle of champagne is given also to the property owner where we landed. In this particular place the owner was extremely helpful in guiding the chase vehicle into the field without getting stuck. As I mentioned it has been raining a lot and some of the field was pond-like but not obviously so. Thus the help of the owner!

One of our crew felt like doing the Irish Jig:

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  1. Brave, brave people! I think I would need the drink BEFORE I got in that basket!