Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished new Kumihimo Bracelet!

Here is a picture of my latest attempt to make my "Nemesis" bracelet. I'm not kidding. It is a story I really shouldn't reveal. It started about a year ago with a nice focal bead that I found at my local bead store. It happened to match some tear drop seed beads that I had. I was still fairly new at making Kumihimo but it seemed to be a good match. It really is a good match.

The problem was with "tear drop" seed beads and being new to Kumihimo. Stringing the tear drop beads was different and a little harder than regular seed beads but not really a problem. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of these beads so I had to count them out to make sure I had enough. I did.

When I started the braiding, I noticed it was harder to keep the beads under the previous cord. They wanted to pop up. The results was not so good. I noticed that there were holes in the finished braid. So, I started over again... and again. Unfortunately, I didn't see one of the holes until I was finished. That makes starting over really starting over not just undoing. Well, I did that twice and then decided I'd better put it aside for awhile.

After starting to reorganize after I got my new workspace/table the project resurfaced. Do I just ignore it or should I try again? I guess you know the answer to that question. So, I laid out my project

I made the first half with no problem and I was very proud of myself. What is it "Pride goes before a fall"? After adding the focal bead, the second half was like the first attempts. Beads dropped (thanks to my eagle eyed grandchildren I found them) Then I started noticing holes again - gheez, I'm loosing it. The third time I was determined to watch each bead added to make sure it was secure. That worked well until I got too comfortable again and decided to braid in my comfy chair instead of my workspace. Oops, one string let go and went all over the chair. The next day I turned the chair upside down and found all of the beads! Plus some other goodies that hide in chairs. (No money though)

So, after loading the found beads on the cord again and sitting back at my workspace/table, I was again back in business and finished with out any more mishaps.

You may notice that I still need to add a clasp. Easy peasy - I hope.

Lessons learned

Don't use tear drop seed beads with out being aware of the possible pit falls.
Practice first
Sit in a good spot where you can catch errant beads and
Pay attention to what you are doing!

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  1. You should be commended for having finished the project! Many would have give up, I'm sure.

  2. I agree with Pearl. I had a problem that was frustrating me at work this morning and I just had to stay calm and keep at it and I was able to finish it. Just like you did! Sometimes you just want to throw something, don't you?

  3. kudos on finishing this project. I am just starting Kumihimo and about to give up. Your work is excellent. Do you by chance have a book or website recomendation on how to start kumihimo with beads? Thanks!!

  4. Melanie, Thanks for the compliments. I'm no expert in Kumihimo. I only do it very simply with fibers or just beads. However, for what I do I would suggest looking on and then googling "bead Kumihimo". I use the disk not the real Maurdai used for Kumihimo.

  5. It's a beautiful bracelet! I love kumihimo, but haven't tried it with beads yet.

  6. I am fairly new to Kumihimo and have never added a focal bead. Do you string half the amount of beads on the threads and then just slip on the focal bead over all the threads and then string the rest of the beads on the threads an continue working till the end??

  7. Debs, I guess you could use the method you suggested but what I do is cut the cord longer than required and make an overhand knot in the middle. Then I start from the knot and make half the bracelet (be sure to measure and include the focal length in your measurements) then slide the focal on over the knot and start again to do the second half. Hope that is clear. If not ask again. Bev

  8. Your bracelets are beautiful. I am trying to learn how to combine beading with Kumihimo and would like to know what kind of thread you are using for your bracelets. I'm trying to use #11 beads.

  9. salu_35, I use C-Lon for my thread. I buy it at my local bead store though it is available on line. You can Google C-Lon and see what it looks like. For size 11's you may want a thinner thread though I've used my "usual" for 11's with no problem. Good Luck. Send some pictures.