Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lexie Williams

Those of you who regularly follow my blog are familiar with Lexie Williams. She is the 11 year old girl who has been fighting a brain tumor since she was 3 1/2 months old. Recently, all news has been good. No chemo, her port removed and no growth.

Well, today she had her regular check up and the results was not great. To quote her Mom's comment on Facebook:

CRAP- That's the same as bad MRI- Measurable growth over past two years- Somewhere, somehow, that thing grew AGAIN!!!
Full ugly report on -
Wish, wish, wish, I could be reporting gloriously happy new...s-
Tumor board to meet for advice after eyes on 31st- probably wait three months and scan again- growth is small, but we are in prime real estate here folks- no room-

Not good news to say the least.

Alice is asking for prayers and support for the Jimmy Fund. Sales from my Lexie Jewelry benefits the Jimmy Fund or you can donate directly to the Jimmy Fund. See the caringbridge site for information.

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