Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lexie's Lanyards of Love.

The phrase "Ta Da" comes to mind with this new item. I've been working on it since June. The idea is simple but getting beads in the proper size and color and most importantly at reasonable price, is not easy.

My buddy Melanie (responsible for the other items in Lexie's Jewelry) suggested we add a name badge holder to the line of Lexie's Jewelry. She and her fellow teachers all wear them and wanted something fancier. I've been reminded that hospital workers and some college students also need a lanyard for their name badges. So we started working on her idea.

The decision for the main beads was made first. We chose 5 different colors with a gold swirl around it and a hole big enough to use a nice leather cord. I followed a method I learned from Deb Huber of Cleaver Treasures. Deb sells just large hole beads and leather cord. She has created some neat kits. Check out her site.

I found some neat clips to hold a badge and then decided it would be nice if the lanyard could be adjustable. I've made some adjustable necklaces before. It always amazes me how previous knowledge comes together to make something new.

This is a picture of the best I had made (until this morning) Melanie told me about a small problem she encountered when she wore one to work yesterday. The lanyard when shortened would not stay shortened. The hole in the pony beads is too big.

So, think Bev, what could you use instead? After several attempts I came up with "E" beads. They have a big enough hole to put two 1mm leather cords through but small enough to be taut and not allow the lanyard to slip when shortened. Success!

Yesterday, Melanie called around 10 AM to say she had already sold one. Later in the day she had sold 10. Gheez! I only have enough materials to make 4. So off to my local bead store and my favorite online places.

What a great problem! It sells for $20 with $10 donated to Cancer Research. They can be purchased here:

Alice and Lexie are still working with the doctors to see what Lexie's latest MRI means for her future. You can keep up with the latest information on her journal Leave messages on their site. Lexie read every one!

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  1. Bev. I work in a lab. Everybody has a badge. Even the people who don't wear labcoats have badges. Hmmm. Need to think about this one.

  2. Yeah - you need to get those up on your site, I know a few people anyway, I can send the link to.