Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Siran Varadian

I have a friend who makes absolutely beautiful beaded pieces. Siran Varadian. She is featured in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Actually, her Mother is my friend but by association... she is too.

I enjoy lots of jewelry designing but seed beading has not been one of my favorites. People don't understand that because I make Chain Maille which people point out is as intricate. Well, not really, but everyone has a favorite thing to do. I totally admire people who can make beautiful beaded pieces as Siran does.

Siran has a real talent for making very unique pieces.

You can see her unique pieces at

Let me know (and Siran) what you think of her beautiful work.



  1. Sistren Bev,

    Thank you for introducing us to Sistren Siran and her amazing beadweaving. It is easy to spend hours looking at her work!

    I also wanted to say thanks for the email you sent with the link to the kumihimo site. I made a kumihimo disk from cardboard and used shoe laces to learn the pattern. I'll post it on my blog as soon as I can get a good picture. I think I may try it again with embroidery floss next time. Thanks for helping me learn something new.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  2. ahhh. Lovely designs. She has a real talent and much patience working wih seed beads. My grandmother used to make small table top Christmas trees with seed beads. It took a lot of time. I don't have the patience.

  3. I could never ever do it so I have a lot of admiration for someone who can! Very pretty!

  4. You have some pretty cool pics on your blog. : )

  5. I think she is super talented. Just beautiful work!

  6. thanks so much for sharing the link to Siran's beautiful work, wonderful indeed !