Monday, February 2, 2009

Half Persian Chain Maille Bracelets

I recently ordered enough Argentium Sterling Silver rings to make two Half Persian Chain Maille bracelets.

Ever since Urban Maille came out with shaped rings, (that is, the wire used to make the rings is not round as usual). I decided to make a "regular" ring bracelet and a "square" ring bracelet just to try them out. I was pleased with the results.

Regular Half Persian Chain Maille is on the bottom and the square on the top.

I admit that I did not finish the bracelets with clasps. I have a favorite sunflower clasp that I use for the regular bracelet but it doesn't seem to work on the square bracelet.

I was interested to see how different the weave is using the square rings. They take up more room in the weave and therefore the bracelet is a bit stiffer. You can see the difference in the following picture. (Square on top, round on bottom)


PS: I noticed in the close up top picture, you can see I'm wearing a red shirt. You can see the reflection in the square rings. Plus, you can see the rings that are not perfectly closed, yuck!


  1. They look pretty doggone perfect to me! Amazing really, mistakes would totally show. Very very nice!

  2. Great comparative post! I love the look of the square rings. They do give the chain a totally different look.