Monday, February 16, 2009

Camp Sunshine and Brain Tumor Kids

Lexie, you may remember, is the 10 year old girl who has a Brain Tumor who encouraged me to start my Lexie "line" of jewelry. A bracelet, pendant necklace, earrings and choker.

You can see them on either of my web sites for Bev's jewelry.

I follow the blog of Lexie's Mom at I usually read it every night or early morning just after I get the email notification of a new post. This weekend they are gathering at Camp Sunshine in MA. This is a very special place for all kids with cancer but this weekend was only for those with Brain Tumors.

The usual comments are what happens in their everyday life. However, everyday life is very different to a Brain Tumor Kid and their families. No matter whether they are in remission or getting chemo or having surgery. They all look forward to and enjoy these times at Camp Sunshine.

Following her list of those in the group who are not doing well and what is going on generally, she normally has something philosophical to say. A meaningful quote or just her thoughts for the day.

Saturday's post had the following, quoting:

"When asked if she had three wishes recently, Hailey, thought, and I quote, 'For the world I would want a better environment. For my family I want happiness. And I don't want anything for myself. I'm really happy with my life as it is.' When her mother asked her, 'But Hailey, Wouldn't you wish to not have your brain tumor ???', she said, 'No. having my brain tumor has taught me a lot. It's taught me to be brave.'

"Those words really give you an indication of how truly Amazing our kids are - Hailey is a True HERO!!! (sorry for the three tries- I had tried to say heroi---, but it got censored) How could the world not be a better place if we just put Her in charge ??? She could ask her BT buddies to help her put it straight, but I know they would succeed !!!

"It reminded me of the time I asked Lexie of her wish for the world, and she replied, 'I need someone to find a cure for my brain tumor, so my friends would stop getting sicker and dying.'
What more can I say ???"

Indeed, what more can I say either?? Keep these kids in your prayers and take their words to heart.



  1. Yes, I'll be keeping these precious ones uplifted to God in prayer. Hailey's comment reminds me of the time my youngest was near death. You don't want to go through the struggle again, but at the same time, you learn so much and come so much closer to God that you don't want to trade that experience for anything else.

  2. So sweet that Lexie-it's hard to imagine how someone who is going through so much has so much positive to say and little thought on themselves. I know why though-God has brought them peace.
    Thanks for what you do to help Lexie with your's so kind of you Bev.