Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Byzantine Chain Maille Variations Part II

Yesterday, I showed two variations of plain Byzantine: Byzantine Rose and Romanov.

The first variation today is Olivia. It is very similar to the Romanov pattern because they both start with two segments of Byzantine. It is how they are put together that makes the difference.

Instead of putting the segments in a vertical position and joining them at the top, the segments are put in a horizontal position and joined on a side. The segments look like you are pulling the "legs" apart. At least that is the way it looks to me.

The second one today is called a Byzantine Ladder pattern. Again, it takes two Byzantine segments and joins them in a different way from either Romanov, Olivia or Byzantine Rose.

This is very similar to the Romanov pattern except the way the Byzantine segments are joined. The are joined in a "ladder" fashion. Small joining rings - across the segments and in line. It is easier to see in the picture than it is to say how to do it. ;-)

OK, you've seen 4 diferent variation over the last two days.

Which pattern is your favorite? Byzantine Rose, Romanov,Olivia or Byzantine Ladder?



  1. I think I like Byzantine Rose. It looks very substantial and complex and it's pretty too. I guess I'm judging by what is more "me".

  2. The Byzantine is my favourite chain maille weave for precisely this reason - plenty of variations are possible.

  3. Hi,

    haven't been here for a while. And WOW! It seems that I now have more and more choices of byzantine variations. By the way, my byzantine copper bracelet is ready and will be published the next days on my blog: I just have to take a good pic in daylight. So watch out and thanks, Bev, for giving me tips on byzantine chain.

  4. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed the post about the variations of Byzantine.

  5. Bev, thank you for this post. Searching for variations of the byzantine weave, I've found your very good explanation. I'll try byzantine ladder. I'm a new follower to your blog using Bloglovin. Have a great day, Ana

  6. Ana, Glad to have a new follower. I really can't choose a favorite variation of Byzantine but the ladder is a good way to start. Let me know how it works out. Bev