Friday, February 20, 2009

Bleeding Heart Earrings

My Mother really loved flowers. She knew a lot about them, in the "common" way. That is to say not the biological names but the more common names and things about them. She loved Bleeding Hearts and always had one in her garden. I have one too.

She taught me about the "inside parts" of a Bleeding Heart and I've tried to pass it on to my children and grandchildren too. (Not sure how successful I've been but I've tried.) This is a picture of the parts of a Bleeding Heart.

The outer red parts are the "Rabbits", next come the "earrings"

then the "slippers" or shoes (she referred to them as "mules") and last the "bottle of champagne".

The story often was embellished a bit depending on her mood. A Bleeding Heart blossom was always something I could take apart and look at the various parts with their "common" names.

One of my nice memories of my Mother. Thanks Mom.



  1. I love this story. We have a bleeding heart in our garden. I'll have to remember to tell my girls this in the spring when it blooms!

  2. Never seen anything like that, not even familiar with the flower at all.
    What a nice memory - thanks for sharing it!

  3. I have bleeding hearts in my garden but I've never heard of the parts described like this before. Delightful!