Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lone Beader

One of the beaders I admire and follow is the Lone Beader. She is in Quincy, MA and describes herself as "Lone Beader (n) 1. one who creates beadwork without the assistance or company of others. 2. one who prefers solitude while creating beadwork."

Her blog http://blog.thelonebeader.com/chronicles her progress with her extremely dimensional relief art which consists of stitching glass beads on felt. Currently she is making the motorcycle shown above. If you go to her blog and go back a month or so, you can follow the progress of making the motorcycle which is amazing. She even shows you the back of her project.

Some of her other pieces are beaded jewelry, earrings and pins. They are often of animals, birds, dogs and custom pieces also.

Interestingly enough some of her earrings were inspired by the parts of her motorcycle.

Can you recognize the hub caps and wheels?

There are so many talented beaders and Lone Beader is sure one of them.



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  2. Hi Bev, I think it might have been due to Google's general problem earlier today as the gmail servers were not available for a few hours.

  3. Awwww... thanks for your kind words! You are sweet! Glad you enjoy my blog! :D

  4. That sure is some amazing stuff! And HARD! It just looks so very hard to do!