Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art of the Firebird

While I'm on vacation, I've been trying to feature other Jewelry Designers I like.

I found Art of the Firebird on Since then I've found her on Twitter and enjoy her posts there and the links she recommends.

She is located in Marietta, GA and has a very busy life as a teacher and family person. However, the part I'm featuring today is her lampworked glass. She also does Handbound books.

Check her out at

(You can check me out too at



  1. ~Bev~
    These are such beautiful pieces~
    ~Your jewelry is just gorgeous~I just can't imagine how long each one takes to make~such detail~

  2. Bev, thank you for the feature and the kind words about my work!

  3. Just love the lampwork pieces by guest artist Art of the Firebird. My oldest daughter wants to get into fused glass pieces using the kiln.

  4. Awesome! Some people are so darn talented.

  5. I especially like the pendent in the 2nd picture. How beautiful, and unusual!