Monday, February 9, 2009


(One of my "humorous" magnets)

Disclaimer: This post is not my usual type of post.

Anyhow, I have a small slide show that is on the right side of my computer screen. It continually shows all the pictures in "my picture" file on my computer. Since it is random, you never know what will show up next.

It goes from a picture of one of my jewelry pieces, then one of my grandchildren, then a cousin of my Dad, another jewelry piece, my Mother, more grandchildren and on it goes.

Two older family pictures showed up recently, one makes me happy and nostalgic and one make me just wonder. I really glad to have both pictures.

The first one is taken in 1925 and is a group of women who belonged to an organization that both of my Grandmothers belonged. My parents met through this group and I guess you could say I would not be here without this group.

I just love looking at this group of ladies, the dining room it was taken in, the clothes worn, hair dos, and to think about the time and differences from nowadays. Lots of thoughts come to mind. Which lady is the hostess?

The second picture is a group of men in my husband's family. All men, all almost scary looking. He has no idea who they are other than relatives. These men make me wonder too, what was going on the day the picture was taken and what their lives were like?

Well, do the pictures remind you of anyone in your families? See anyone you know?



  1. I love old photos. I'm guessing the woman in the apron in the first picture must be the hostess of this grand party. Does anyone still wear aprons today? I have some in a drawer that I never use for cooking. I have a full length apron I use when I paint.

    The men look so serious.

  2. I love those old pics - such a different time! Oh and I expect I am the loon in my family!

  3. Yes, I think the woman in the apron is the hostess. Great pics! I have some from my grandparents and my great-grandparents before WWI and I love looking at these.
    I wear an apron for washing the dishes (I'm known for more washing myself than the dishes!) and for baking christmas cookies (or all the flour will be on me!).

  4. I have to guess the woman in the apron is the hostess too. I don't even own an apron anymore. It is nice to see my Grandmothers when they were younger than when I remember them.
    Still wonder about the men?