Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Beading Daily (http://www.beadingdaily.com/)
had an interesting post the other day about BIP -aka "beading in public". The writer asked what projects beaders take to bead in public. Unlike some other crafts such as knitting, it isn't easy to take beading projects. All those little beads are bad enough at home, let alone out in public. I do have a BIP project I like to take and was reminded yesterday when we took a friend to the dentist. (Weren't we kind? - I go today for my 6 month check up. But that is another story I'll not go there)

I took my fiber Kumihimo. Everything fits nicely in a small plastic bag, just a foam disk and bobbins full of fiber. Nothing loose, nothing to fall on the floor and I usually get quite a bit accomplished in a fairly short time.

Now, I just have to add (since I am a people watcher from way back) it was interesting to watch the patients who were waiting to be seen. One man apparently was not looking forward to his visit. Antsy to say the least. He finally got up and went outside for a smoke. Another one was almost as nervous.

The hygienist came out to tell us that our friend was doing a good job. She reminded us of how important it is to take care of our teeth and how it effects your health in general. Well, that was her pitch and I'm passing it on.

Here is a picture of the cord I was able to make while waiting at the dentist. I have a nice pendant to hang on as a focal for a necklace. I'll post it when it was finished.

Now to go do a good job of brushing and flossing before I go off for my teeth cleaning.


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  1. I also BIP. I have in the past taken beadwork but dropping tiny seed beads can get annoying. I now take a small tupperware container of my latest chain maille project.