Friday, October 31, 2008

Message Magnets

Before I started making jewelry, I made message magnets. Those little funny, sometimes serious, phrases with appropriate pictures. When I first started, I only had a black and white printer so, I hand colored the pictures. Then I purchased a color printer but the pics I had were in black and white. So I colored the pics with a Microsoft program that allowed you to color a pic, pixel by pixel. (Sorry I can't remember the name of the program but it came with Microsoft 3.1) Needless to say, I did not do too many of those. I really was learning how to use the computer. (I still have to remind myself that the first two computers I used are in the Smithsonian - An IBM 650 in college and a Radio Shack Model III with 16 K. Yikes, now my laptop has 120GB)

Anyhow, I colored the flowers in this one pixel by pixel. Fortunately, you only have to do it once.

I did not color this one but I love the sentiment!

How true, how true!

Well, after spending all my time yesterday getting my magnets printed and all it takes to get them ready, I took them to my local gift store where, after 12 years, they are still selling. Now, I can get back to my fun job of jewelry making and designing! It is nice to have something that keeps on being popular as my magnets seem to be. You can see all of them on
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  1. Magnets will always sell especially the witty ones like yours! Some people just like collecting magnets too.