Friday, October 3, 2008

Observations at Virginia Beach

When we came to Virginia Beach for the first time a few years ago, I was impressed with the no swearing sign. Apparently it was a big thing a few years before that. The signs are still all along the streets near the beach.

I found all the people here very friendly.
“Hi, where are you from?”
“Nice day isn’t it?” The results are very nice conversations with people I’ve never seen and probably will never see again.

Our unit has a balcony looking over the boardwalk (actually a concrete walk unlike the ones in Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, NJ) It is a perfect place to watch all the different people who walk up and down the boardwalk as well as all the dogs and seagulls, sun rise, boats, aircraft, and porpoises (yep a whole school of them visible from the beach)

Here are some other pictures I thought interesting.

I saw a couple sitting on the beach. Now that is not unusual but they were sitting close together, she was covered up with a large shirt and wore a big brimmed hat so she would not burn. He had a baseball cap on and a hooded shirt. They looked like an older couple (from my perspective ;-) Suddenly, he stood up ran around their blanket and then down the beach and back. Appearances can be deceiving! Seeing them up close later they were probably in their forties and not an older couple at all. Makes me wonder what people think when they see me and my husband at a distance.

Then I saw another couple, one in a wheelchair and the other in a scooter. The one in the wheelchair, the man, was being towed by the woman in the scooter. They were having such fun going up and down the boardwalk looking at the ocean and all the sites around and being independent!

Then I saw some seagulls all facing the same direction. It was windy out and if you look closely and think that you are looking at the Atlantic Ocean, you can figure out what the wind direction was.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about our experience finding a local lighthouse. Stay tuned.
Oh, yes the wind direction is from the north. Seagulls face into the wind.


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  1. I really like that no swearing sign! Thanks for sharing your vacation photos - it's a little like going on holiday ourselves!