Monday, October 13, 2008

Clothes to go with your Jewelry

Two friends and I were meeting the other day to make our plans for an upcoming jewelry show we are going to have. The subject turned to clothes we buy and the fact that all three of us buy tops that will "show off" our jewelry best, usually plain necklines. One commented (she has trouble finding clothes that fit because she is so petite) that she will buy a top in every color when she finds something that fits well.

This got me to thinking about a possible post about buying clothes. So, I did a Google search on blouses, looking for some examples. Well, I came across these pictures with models wearing jewelry. Just had to share them.

Victoria's Secret - Faux-wrap bodysuit (Remember to hit the back arrow to return ;-)

Victoria's Secret - Sheer tux shirt (Remember to hit the back arrow to return ;-)

Are you back??

The other thing we do is to make jewelry to match our clothes and sometimes buy clothes to match a piece of jewelry we have made.

Ah, the dilema and the problems we have!

I've been trying to make my necklaces adjustable because of all the different necklines I have and how I need necklaces of different lengths to fit right. I assume others have the same problem.

I'll post some of those later.


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  1. LOL! I know some ladies who definitely buy clothes to match the jewelry they make. But most do it the other way round. Adjustable necklaces are a great idea as we aren't all the same.